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Banning the microbeads!

By Camilla Bertolini @CamiBe90 We have been recently hearing about microbeads and the microbead ban on the news. But you may still wonder “what is a microbead?” Microbeads are defined as manufactured solid plastic particles (polyethylene, polypropylene or polystyrene) of less than five millimeters in their largest dimension. They can be found in exfoliating beauty […]

How Many Unicorns? Assessing Species Rarity

By Anthony Caravaggi    @thonoir      http://www.arcaravaggi.co.uk   In 1859, Charles Darwin wrote that “rarity is the precursor of extinction”. This fundamental concept, that some species are at greater risk of extinction than others, often forms the basis for the allocation of otherwise scarce resources in conservation biology. The focus on rare and endangered […]

Local communities and biodiversity conservation in developing countries

  By Anthony Caravaggi @thonoir http://www.arcaravaggi.co.uk   Protected areas have long been the cornerstones of conservation efforts. In the past, the human communities that existed near to or in existing and newly created protected areas were often marginalized and, to a certain extent, ignored. Local communities are extremely vulnerable to the restrictions imposed on protected […]

The Trials of Triage

By Hannah White @hannah_wht ‘It is that range of biodiversity that we must care for – the whole thing – rather than just one or two stars’ David Attenborough Conservation is driven by decision making. Where to spend money? What to spend money on? How much to spend? Conservation triage seeks to maximise the benefits/species […]

Dark stuff in the spotlight

By Tancredi Caruso   What are the processes supporting soil biodiversity and how does soil biodiversity affect ecosystem stability and functions? These questions are critical because soil is a thin, highly structured and threatened layer of the lithosphere that provides humans with vital ecosystem services. The European commission has produced several policies and directives aiming […]