Play? What’s the Point?

By Jennifer Weller – PhD student With the academic year coming to a close I imagine many of you out there will have resorted to watching cute videos of baby animals playing together on the internet as a means of relieving stress. A personal favourite of mine being animals playing in the snow. Even Darwin […]

Saving the P…

By Jason Chin and Katrina Macintosh @Phosphorus_ie   Global non-renewable resources… platinum, gold, silver… coal, oil, gas and… phosphorus? How does the supply of phosphorus potentially impact our food security?   In living things, phosphorus (P) plays a wide range of roles including storing energy in ATP, giving membrane phospholipids their hydrophilic head, regulating the […]

So long and thanks for all the fish!

By Natasha Phillips   It’s that time of year again, spring is in the air (mostly!) and thoughts turn to summer holidays relaxing on the beach, swimming in the sea, snorkelling over colourful corals and silvery fishes. But what is the future for these seemingly idyllic ecosystems? Current research suggests that coral reef ecosystems globally […]

Welcome to…Field season!

By Camilla Bertolini @CamiBe90 Bright sunshine outside today as I am about to head out to the beach. Those of you that have seen me walking around Belfast with buckets, coloured flags and big bags of scouring pads possibly can guess that by “heading out to the beach”, I don’t mean going to lie down […]

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