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Irish Inspiration series – Maude Jane Delap

By Donal Griffin @donalgriffin88   Fortunately for this mini blog series, Irish inspiration in the form of famous or even forgotten scientists and pioneers is not lacking. Suitable candidates from every scientific field abound, from Antarctic exploration, to transatlantic communication to… jellyfish. In the spirit of #Internationaldayofthegirl which passed recently,  I will summarise an excerpt […]

Banning the microbeads!

By Camilla Bertolini @CamiBe90 We have been recently hearing about microbeads and the microbead ban on the news. But you may still wonder “what is a microbead?” Microbeads are defined as manufactured solid plastic particles (polyethylene, polypropylene or polystyrene) of less than five millimeters in their largest dimension. They can be found in exfoliating beauty […]

Ecological and Engineering… can they go hand in hand?

By Camilla Bertolini @CamiBe90 I have recently attended the 11th International Temperate Reef Symposium. I came back with much sought after inspiration and ideas for current and future work but also with many questions. One of the thematic of the symposium was ecosystem management, and as part of this there were many interesting talks on […]

Irish inspiration series #2 : Lord Kelvin

By Donal Griffin   The rapid sequel (cough) in the ‘Irish Inspiration’ series is here. The first edition detailed the accomplished, yet widely unrecognised heroics of Tom Crean, the Antarctic explorer ( However, as ‘Irish’ in this context should read, ‘Island of Ireland’, I go from humble Kerryman to Belfast born William Thomson, aka, Lord […]

Saving the P…

By Jason Chin and Katrina Macintosh @Phosphorus_ie   Global non-renewable resources… platinum, gold, silver… coal, oil, gas and… phosphorus? How does the supply of phosphorus potentially impact our food security?   In living things, phosphorus (P) plays a wide range of roles including storing energy in ATP, giving membrane phospholipids their hydrophilic head, regulating the […]

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