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Irish Inspiration series – Maude Jane Delap

By Donal Griffin @donalgriffin88   Fortunately for this mini blog series, Irish inspiration in the form of famous or even forgotten scientists and pioneers is not lacking. Suitable candidates from every scientific field abound, from Antarctic exploration, to transatlantic communication to… jellyfish. In the spirit of #Internationaldayofthegirl which passed recently,  I will summarise an excerpt […]

Adventures in the Anthropocene

    By Hannah White @hannah_wht   The opening sentences of many ecology papers have now become a cliché, a declaration of biodiversity loss from climate change/habitat fragmentation/urbanisation (delete as appropriate). The effects of these are huge, not only to biodiversity but to aspects of the environment such as water availability and ocean acidification. Humans […]

Last One for the Year!

By Karen Mooney-McAuley     @KarenMooney01 This day next week it’s Christmas Day, and I’ll be spending the day with family, opening presents, cooking dinner for nine (!) people and trying to convince someone else to do the washing up while I crack into the chocolate.  For now though, it’s the frantic rush of trying […]

The Nature of Crops

  By Jim Provan I suppose I should start this review with a double-disclaimer.  Firstly, I have a background in crop plant genetics, a fact only marginally less embarrassing than possessing a degree in biochemistry!  I did my PhD at the quondam Scottish Crop Research Institute (latterly the James Hutton Institute) on the genetics of […]