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What’s your favourite?

By David Tosh @DavidGTosh   The insatiable appetite for rhino horn has, surprisingly for an issue concerning wildlife, gained a large amount of media attention of late.  No one can have missed the depressing images of the once impressive rhino reduced to a bloodied mess for what is, in effect, a human demand for hair. […]

Do ask silly questions

                  Above image is an image generated by the COBE microwave survey of the cosmic background. Image source: NASA By Keith Farnsworth I got into trouble at school for asking what energy was and not accepting the answer. At university (for astrophysics) I was given a more sympathetic […]

Two sides to every leaf

By Georgina Milne A decade long interest in botany and a bachelors degree in plant science has been the catalyst for a rather unusual hobby – I collect deadly plants. Plants (being somewhat stationary) can’t exactly run away when under attack so come primed with toxins to ward off things trying to eat them or […]

A macroecologist walks into a museum…

By Hannah White @hannah_wht and Katie Leach @lagomorpha I’m not sure there is currently a collective noun for a group of macroecologists but after attending EU Macro 2015 I think it might be something like a guild* of macroecologists. Last week a large number of macroecologists (whatever one of those exactly is can take an […]

You’re not in the lab???

                          By Fiona Lavelle @fi_lavelle There is no way I would have ever believed I could have been a desk based researcher (studying cooking skills – are people forgetting how to cook?), scratch that, desk based at all. With a strong background in […]

I am not a number, I am a free man!

                        By David Tosh @David GTosh “They’re here!” (In the style of the girl from Poltergeist). Last week, Thomson Reuters released its latest Journal Impact Factors (JIFs). JIFs are magic numbers that allow scientists to compare the quality of a journal within a specific […]

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