Author: Katie Leach

It’s all about that gas

By Joanna Grebosz ‘’It’s all about that gas’’ – this paraphrase of a well-known latest pop song might be the leitmotiv of this blog piece. Namely, let’s talk about the biogas. Why biogas? Biogas is a great renewable energy source that is becoming increasingly important – the EU want to improve the energy production from […]

The Trials of Triage

By Hannah White @hannah_wht ‘It is that range of biodiversity that we must care for – the whole thing – rather than just one or two stars’ David Attenborough Conservation is driven by decision making. Where to spend money? What to spend money on? How much to spend? Conservation triage seeks to maximise the benefits/species […]

Necessary Networking

  By Katie Leach @lagomorpha_ Networking is a familiar term amongst academics. Whether that be social networking, through Twitter or Facebook, or networking at conferences; either way we are strongly encouraged to embrace it. Networking can lead to successful collaborations (see my previous blog post) and can greatly enhance academic careers. However, in terms of […]

Our environment in NI political manifestos

  By Siobhán Porter @siobhancporter I know everybody is thinking “If there is anything I haven’t heard enough about in the past few weeks, it’s definitely politics…” In light of the upcoming elections, last week the BES published a guide to the environmental promises made by the main English parties in their 2015 manifestos. In […]

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