Author: Katie Leach

Too noisy to eat?

By Kirsty McLaughlin @BlackNarcissus1 You are just about to tuck into a delicious meal, when all of a sudden, road works begin outside the restaurant. Initially you may stop eating as you are distracted or perhaps stressed out by the annoying din. However, what if the racket continues? Would you continue to be distracted, letting […]

Resurrecting the dead – is extinction really the end?

By Hannah White @hannah_wht   Michael Crichton sparked generations of imaginations with his world of resurrected dinosaurs roaming an island for human entertainment. Who wouldn’t want to witness Triceratops roaming over grasslands? Or what about other extinct animals? Mauritius could quadruple their tourism trade by reviving the dodo. We could swim with Stellar’s sea cow in […]

Exciting announcement…

  QUBio has been shortlisted in the Best Educational & Science Blog Category for the Blog Awards Ireland 2015! All shortlisted blogs were officially announced at 12 noon today on The Blog Awards Ireland website. But now we need your help because the finalists will be decided via public voting which will open on the […]

Changing perceptions: The ‘cold’ fish with a warm heart…

By Natasha Phillips @sunfishresearch I have nothing against Shakespeare personally, (best comeback yet invented “peace, ye fat guts, thou cream-faced loon”), but sometimes even the Bard himself is allowed a slip up… His expression, “as cold as a fish” (The Winter’s Tale, 4:4), has become a common cliché, implying that nothing else on earth provides […]

Cheaters never win?

By Gareth Arnott As a child when tempted to take a less than honest approach my parents often warned me “cheaters never win”. I suspect I was not alone in hearing such pearls of wisdom. However, recently the media has been full of apparent cases of cheating. Currently, we have the athletics doping scandal, with […]

World Elephant Day!

By Iain Maguire Leading up to World Elephant Day I am brought back to my year and a half working with them. Having studied Zoology for my undergraduate degree, I experienced the onslaught of “So you’re going to work in the zoo?” from friends and family to which I always gave the response “No!”. Little […]

AT our BEST!

By Joanna GreboszWhat’s green, doesn’t talk or walk and has a great future? It’s green energy! In my last blog piece I talked about the green energy source – biogas. Today, I’d like to say a few words about the project I’m participating in that is focused on this alternative energy source. In order to […]

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