Last One for the Year!

By Karen Mooney-McAuley     @KarenMooney01

This day next week it’s Christmas Day, and I’ll be spending the day with family, opening presents, cooking dinner for nine (!) people and trying to convince someone else to do the washing up while I crack into the chocolate.  For now though, it’s the frantic rush of trying to get work wrapped up for a few days break, plan fieldwork and some new blogs for the New Year!

We have had some truly wonderful blog posts this year, on a wide range of topics from ecology and biology (both marine and terrestrial), conservation and scientific outreach to space, biochemistry, artists collaborations and the nature of science and asking the big questions.  We have a set a high bar and I for one am looking forward to what comes up next year!  In the meantime, for anyone looking for some new scientific reading to get them through the holidays, here is a selection of some books on my Christmas list:


  • Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery, Henry Marsh

A memoir of sorts by neurosurgeon Henry Marsh, on the ups and downs of neurosurgery and the harrowing mistakes that can sometimes happen.  Based on operation and patients throughout his 30+ year career, it promises an insight into a field that is relatively secret and how it works within the NHS.


  • This Changes Everything, Naomi Klein

All about climate change, the science behind it and climate deniers, it’s a topic that will never fail to interest me, particularly as the focus of this book is closer to the main source of the problem than many others go – capitalism and economics.  I may need some deep breaths after this one!


  • Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity, Steve Silberman

A book about the forgotten history of autism, and most importantly, the people on the autism spectrum disorder.  It’s about the various different aspects of autism, how it doesn’t need to always been seen as a disease and how changing our attitudes to autism can help us all.

book image



Merry Christmas everyone, have a lovely break and we’ll see you all on the flip side!



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