3 comments on On Criticisms of Citizen Science

  1. Good piece Kieran, I am too a proponent of citizen science to engage people with what we do. I agree that in the past, white middle aged men who liked to collect records of random plants was the image that came to mind when thinking of participants of biological recording schemes. Now though, as we found with our citizen science work earlier this year, things have changed. More women than men took part in our work and participants ranged in age from 20 to over 70! I think social media is changing this and will continue to influence the kind of person that participates.

  2. Hi Kieran, really enjoyed your blog post and I totally agree- more needs to be done to bridge relations between the two groups. Would be awesome to see the public, esp young people, more involved in research projects and to be given the credit they deserve. I’m keen to chat about this over coffee sometime- I’ve a few ideas too 🙂

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