Previous Committees


2011/12 Committee:

President: David Trew

Secretary: Baharak Ahmaderaghi

Treasurer: Cristina Surlea

Webmaster: Mohsen Abbaspour


2010/2011 Committee:

President: Annita Antoniadou

Secretary: David Trew

Treasurer: Ayeh Jafari

Assistant Secretary: Carmen Lee Jia Wern

Assistant Treasurer: Henry Cheah Chi Kean

Welfare Officer: Kojo Agyemang

Assistant Welfare Officer: Suzanne Beech

Public Relations Officer: Yi-Wen Hsu

Webmaster: Casy Choi

Extra-ordinary committee members:

Nahid Montashir

Margaret May Nimoh

Savvas Papapanagides

Badrul Sohel


2009/10 Committee

President: Margaret May Nimoh

Secretary: Annita Antoniadou

Treasurer: Ayeh Jafari

Assistant Secretary: Casy Choi

Welfare Officer: David Trew

Assistant Welfare Officer: Marcia Williams

Event Officer: Suzanne Beech

Public Relation Officer: Yi-Wen Hsu

Webmaster: PC Wan

Extra-ordinary committee members:

Savvas Papapanagides

Badrul Sohel



Queen’s International Student Society (QISS)

Queen’s University Belfast

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