As a debriefing, Queens International Student is an organization set up in 2009 by international students in Queens University Belfast as a liaison and connecting platform for international students studying in Queens. By exchanging views and gathering force, we hope to improve our understanding of history, culture and of each other.

At the centre of our activities are international student meetings we have several times per year. Included in these meetings are further gatherings or excursions or any great parties to enjoy!

These meetings are ideal places to meet new people with same concerns as international students, get international contacts and explore other culture and background. Besides these meetings, QISS hopes to have more other activities and gatherings.

So, you might be wondering, what does this blog function as?

1. We, the administrators, hope that this blog will act as a place where QISS reports come in and everyone has a chance to view at it. Anyone can access the blog to get a glimpse of what the QISS was all about, past and present and future. Some activity pictures can also be placed in the blog to enhance the post.

2. Likewise, we also hope that this blog will also be a place where all the prospective international students to learn something about Queens, Belfast, or even studying in UK in general.

3. This blog would hopefully also function as a place where you get the latest updates on QISS. There will be a small column of “updates” on the left side of the blog where you can view the latest updates and perhaps, announcements in QISS. Equally important, this place can also be the place where you just hang out with your fellow international friends, read some useful (or wacky) posts, posts a few comments, and to kill time.

Contributions from everyone would be crucial to keep this blog on and going and exciting.

See you guys around and have a nice day.



on behalf of QISS blog’s administrators

Webmaster 2009/2010

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