Here we go with a short update about my journey as an Early Stage Researcher of the PROTECTED Project. Finally, the moment has come for my first secondment to begin!

As you may have read here on the website and on previous blog posts, PROTECTED is a large network comprising more than 10 organisations. As ESRs, we get the amazing chance to spend a few months visiting one or more partner institutions to carry out part of our research there.

For this reason, I left Aberdeen and I am currently in Amsterdam, working at Biodetection Systems.

I moved from one windy and rainy country (Scotland) to another one (The Netherlands). Maybe for this reason changing has not been so difficult!

Jokes aside, I am really enjoying the experience.

I am learning a lot, facing many challenges (of course, things can never be easy, but I guess it would be boring otherwise!), doing something that I have never done before. Indeed I have been initiated into the magic world of bioassays, a powerful tool that can really help us to better understand the actual effects of complex mixtures.

I didn’t know Amsterdam before moving here, but it is true: Amsterdam, the city of bikes, tulips and canals, is an amazing city. And I know this sounds as a cliché, but yes, I have decided to rent a bike to go around and yes, I am in love with canals’ view and flowers (as the 100000 pictures I have taken can easily demonstrate).

I’ll leave here a few. Just in case there is a flower-lover out there reading this!


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