Hello! Here we are again!

Some news from the PROTECTED family! We recently spent three amazing days in Toulouse (France) for a Food Toxicology course at INRA (National Institute of Agricultural Research).
Researchers from Toxalim (Food toxicology group) shared their experiences and knowledge with us: another great step on our education as Early Stage Researchers. We had the opportunity to attend several lectures about intestinal toxicology, -omics and biomarkers research, gut microbiota, methodological aspects and biological relevance of combined toxicity studies, just to give some examples.

I am a chemist and even if my background does not always allow me to deeply understand all these topics, I think it is a big chance to have inputs from fields just a little bit outside my set path. Curiosity and an opened mind are must – have skills of a good scientist. Sharing ideas and meeting people from different backgrounds were again the strength of the ITN (Innovative Training Network).

Toulouse is a charming city, full of history and life. We could also enjoy sunny days walking around together. Now we are more than colleagues. We are friends!

I was definitely really happy to be there also because of my photographic passion. I recently bought a new camera, so which better occasion than that to start to play with it?  I would like to share with you some pictures!

Au revoir!


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