During the 1st week of June, our first Summer School took place in Belfast. Before the summer school and during the last week of May we had the chance to attend the ASSET summit which took place also in Belfast. It was the first time that all of us ESRs were together for 2 weeks and we had the opportunity to get to know each other better. I enjoyed spending time with all the ESRs both during the lectures and our free time. I also got to know Belfast a bit more, walking around the city and learning some historical aspects of the city by our guides. The tour was organized as a part of the Summer school and we also got to know about the traditional music and dancing of Ireland.

We also had the extreme luck to visit the Titanic museum after hours during the Gala dinner organized by the ASSET Summit and indulge ourselves in good artisan food and drinks in St George’s market.

Now I am back in Norway, enjoying the good weather and going to the ocean for swimming and sunbathing, enjoying it while it last!

I look forward in seeing all of you again in the next Summer (or maybe we should call it Winter) school in December in Oslo! Be sure to bring your warm clothes and pack some Vitamin D!

God sommer!!!

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