UNISON Continuing Professional Development Programme July – Dec 2014


Continuing Professional Development Programme

July – Dec 2014


All courses are only open to UNISON members unless otherwise stated and are free.  Courses will be held in UNISON Belfast unless otherwise stated


Pressure Ulcer Prevention   10am – 1pm Mon 22nd Sept; 2 – 4.30pm  Thurs 6th Nov UNISON Derry

Pressure sores are an increasing problem that affect thousands of people unnecessarily every year.   They are painful, debilitating and can be life threatening.   This session is targeted at care assistants and home care workers, who are at the forefront of early preventative interventions for clients/patients on this issue.   It will introduce participants to the various stages of pressure ulceration as well as prevention strategies and reporting role when damage is found.  It will be delivered by members of the Tissue Viability Nurses Network NI. UNISON is part of the Your Turn campaign to raise awareness of pressure ulcer prevention Further information is available at http://www.your-turn.org.uk


Core Skills for Dementia       10am – 4pm,  Thursday 25th Sept UNISON Derry

It aims to provide members with an understanding of the clinical condition of dementia, explore a psycho-social approach to people with dementia and to consider the meaning of behaviour that challenges in people with dementia.  In addition it will cover the issue of pain management in people with dementia. It will be delivered by Marilyn Beare, OU Associate Lecturer


Learning Disability & Dementia   (in partnership with ARC)   Tues 30th Sept

This workshop will cover a range of aspects of dementia and how it relates to adults with a learning disability, including: what is dementia (concentrating specifically on how it affects everyday function for people diagnosed, using practical, experiential group activities), communication, difficult behaviours, meaningful activity, environmental modification/adaptation/design.  It will be delivered by Moira Scanlon, an Occupational Therapist working with adults with a learning disability & dementia


Falls Prevention in Residential & Acute Settings  10 -1pm  Tues 30th Sept;  2 – 4.30pm Tues 21st October, UNISON Derry

This half day course explores how staff can reduce slips, trips and falls in acute and residential settings.  It will help promote an understanding of the significance and impact of falls and the importance of falls prevention, facilitate participants to be aware of common risk factors associated with falls and understand their role in falls prevention, as well as be aware of falls management strategies. It is of relevance to home care workers, care assistants, nurses and AHPs.  Delivered by Leona Robinson, OT


Music Group Activities for Adults with Learning Disabilities   10am – 1pm Mon 13th Oct

This half day workshop explore how to use music as a way of engaging with and stimulating adults with learning disabilities.  Delivered by Karen Diamond from the Northern Ireland Music Therapy Association, it will enable participants to better understand how music therapy can be an effective tool for communication and fun.





Handling Complaints and Concerns     10am – 1pm Tues 14th Oct

This half study day explores why and how staff, patients and others express dissatisfaction with a service.  Participants will examine the standards and frameworks for complaint handling and the roles of front line staff, complaints managers, RQIA, professional regulatory bodies, Patient and Client Council, Information Commissioner and the office of the Northern Ireland Ombudsman.  Participants will understand the importance of monitoring complaints, concerns and compliments and will also consider how staff can be supported in order to deal positively when faced with a complaint.  Special emphasis will be placed on developing effective communication skills relating to complaint management.   Dr Jane Wright has a background in accident and emergency nursing and is also a nurse educator.


Creating and Maintaining Support for Service Users and Professionals   10am – 4pm  Wed 15th Oct

Emotional resilience is essential for workers in health and care services and the key to maintaining emotional resilience is interpersonal support.  This workshop will provide the opportunity to understand a little of the psychodynamics of interpersonal support between workers and service users, and between colleagues in health and social care, and will also explore the ways in which interpersonal support can be built within groups of people. It will be delivered by Dugald McCullough, Open University Associate Lecturer


Staying Out Late – Issues for Older LGB&T People in Care Settings  1.30 – 3.30pm Tues 29th July

“Staying Out Late” is a workshop by Clare Summerskill about older lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGB&T) people’s thoughts and concerns about being out and in care later in life, whether in residential homes or receiving care in their own home.   It will support health and social care providers implement the RQIA endorsed guidelines on care provision for older LGB&T people.  Clare wrote a play of that name after running six drama workshops over six weeks with older LGBT people using improvisations and discussion around the issues. The participants performed it alongside professional actors at The Drill Hall Theatre, London. The presentation includes a talk about the play, some monologues and readings from the script, a short participatory game, and analysis on the issues involved.  Clare is a renowned comedian and LGB&T advocate, having appeared on Radio 4 as well as festivals across the UK.   This workshop is being run in partnership with Age NI and the Health & Social Care LGB&T staff forum as part of Belfast Pride festival http://www.belfastpride.com/  and is open to all.


Supporting People In The Workplace Who Are Transitioning 10am – 1pm Wed 30th July

The workplace can be a very challenging place for someone who identifies as transgender.  This seminar is targeted by trade union reps and those working in Human Resources and is being run by UNISON in partnership with the Equality Commission. It aims to give participants an understanding of issues which impact on transgender people in the workplace and how employers can meet their duty of care.    It will cover what is best practice as well as legal obligations for employers to support a staff member in the workplace while he or she is transitioning.    As this event is run as part of Belfast Pride Festival  www.belfastpride.com , it is open for anyone to attend


Tackling the T: Gender Variant Young People    Fri 22nd Aug 10am – 1pm Derry
Transgender and gender dysphoria are topics which are often misunderstood.  There are an increasing number of young people who are coming out as trans and their experience of education, health and social care services has been very mixed and sometimes hostile.   This is a workshop for practitioners who want to be able to support young people around their gender identity.   It will give you the opportunity to explore issues affecting young trans people in Northern Ireland including barriers to healthcare and education.  This workshop will run by YouthNet and SAIL as part of a broader Trans conference facilitated by the Rainbow Project for Foyle Pride www.foylepridefestival.com  and is open to all





Mental Health and Anxiety Management for Children and Young People with Autism  10am – 4pm Thurs 13th Nov

This training session will provide participants with information on common mental health challenges that people with autism can experience. There will be a particular emphasis on the experience of anxiety, this will include Depression; Anxiety disorders; Cognitive strategies to help manage anxiety.  It will be delivered by Fiona McCaffrey, Middletown Centre for Autism


Sensory Processing and Autism    10am – 4pm  Fri 10th Oct in UNISON Derry  

This training session will examine the sensory processing difficulties frequently associated with ASD and will demonstrate how these deficits impact upon learning, play, social interactions and behaviour in the school environment.   The training will be divided into the following areas:  Sensory processing difficulties associated with ASD;  The impact of sensory processing on learning, play, social interactions and behaviour;  Strategies to address sensory processing issues in the school environment and other contexts

The training session will consist of a combination of presentations, practical activities and case study discussions and will be delivered by Kate Cullen, Middletown Centre for Autism


Positive Behaviour Support for Children & Young People with Autism   10am – 4pm  Thurs 27th Nov

This session will examine how the core features of autistic spectrum disorders can influence the behaviour of children and young people with this diagnosis. Finding the function of challenging behaviour will be highlighted as the starting point of any behaviour support plan.  It will be delivered by Frances O’Neill, Middletown Centre for Autism


Relationships and Sexuality Education for Young People with Autism  10am – 3.30pm Thurs 16th Oct, UNISON Derry

This session will examine the impact of adolescence on young people with autism. Participants will be shown how to incorporate behavioural interventions with visual strategies to help teenagers with autism cope with some of the typical issues of adolescence. The training will provide practical strategies that educational professionals may use to support teenagers with autism. It will also focus on the delivery of sex and relationships education for students with autism.  It will be delivered by Suzanne McCanney & Leah McKeown Middletown Centre for Autism


Transitions & Autism   10am – 4pm  Fri 7th Nov UNISON Derry

Change is an area of significant difficulty for children and young people with autism; this difficulty with change is particularly acute during transition times. These can be transitions in relation to situation e.g. moving from home to school, in relation to task e.g. attention shift from one activity to another. Transitions also include issues such as adolescence and major life transitions e.g. leaving school. This session will explore why difficulties occur, discuss the situations that are likely to create difficulties for children and young people and provide useful strategies that can be used to promote stress free transition.   It will be delivered by Frances O’Neill, Middletown Centre for Autism


Emergency First Aid for Children  10am – 4pm  Thurs 14th August, UNISON Belfast

This one day non accredited workshop will focus on emergencies impacting on children. It will cover Resuscitation and the more common emergencies including Asthma, Epilepsy, Anaphylaxis, Burns, not forgetting the usual cuts, grazes, bruises and broken bones. Participants will have ample opportunities for “hands-on” and questions.   It will be delivered by Peter McCahon, Kilmaine Healthcare Training and an instructor in Accident & Emergency Care.





ASIST Suicide Intervention  9am – 5pm  Tues 19th & Wed 20th Aug

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is a 2 day course intended as ‘suicide first-aid’ training. ASIST aims to enable participants to become more willing, ready and able to recognise and intervene effectively to help persons at risk of suicide. It is a useful next step for those who have completed Safe Talk.  It will be delivered by Belfast Suicide Support Group.


Suicide Awareness & Prevention  (limited to 25 places)   10am – 4pm Wed 19th Nov 

This is a one day workshop which aims to give participants an understanding of the issues around suicide, why people consider it, risk factors, why someone may not ask for help, how to communicate safely with someone at risk; and support networks.  This is open to any member who has an interest from a professional or personal perspective.  It is delivered by PIPS, Belfast  http://www.pipscharity.com


Introduction to Mindfulness    (limited to 16 places)  10am – 4pm Mon 3rd Nov

The practice of mindfulness emphasises listening to, observing and acknowledging emotional experiences and enables people to develop a more finely tuned awareness of their inner experiences and to cultivate an improved regulation of their emotional responses.  There is a growing research base indicating its efficacy to promote physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing.  It has been used to treat a range of problems including the management of mood disorders, chronic pain, arthritis, sleep disturbance, stress, chronic fatigue and professional burnout.  It will be delivered by Monique Harte & Greg Kelly, University of Ulster, OT Dept


Advancing Mindfulness Practice Course  (limited to 16 places) 10am – 4pm  Mon 1st & Mon 15th Sept

This two day workshop explores the growing evidence base the use of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) in relieving physical pain and emotional suffering.   Participants will be supported to begin their own mindfulness practice and to develop their own knowledge and skills of mindfulness based approaches in health care.   Participants will be facilitated to skill share and consider strategies for the application of mindfulness within their individual work place.   Participants must have completed an introductory mindfulness course to book on this workshop, as it will assume a working knowledge of mindfulness.  It will be delivered by Monique Harte and Greg Kelly, University of Ulster OT Department


Power of Positive Thinking    10am – 1pm Fri 22nd Aug ; 6-9pm Wed 1st Oct; 10 – 1pm Fri 31st Oct

Has your get up and go got up and gone? This half day course is refreshing and interactive. You will learn how to motivate yourself and your staff.  Learn the secrets of achievement and the power of positive thinking.  Refocus, be focused and see the results.  The course would be beneficial to participants on an individual basis and also in a management role. This course is delivered by Keith Latimer – Life Coach and NLP Practitioner.


Yoga Taster Workshop  6 – 9pm on Wed 1st Oct

Yoga is a mindful way to exercise your body, build on strengths, work on weaknesses, and open your energy centres. It can also support mental resilience , relaxation and can be adapted to suit all abiities/disabilities.  This is a taster workshop to give people a chance to try it out for themselves.  Wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat/blanket.   It will be delivered by Gabrielle Larkin, who is a fully qualified yoga teacher and also a nurse.






Communication Skills for Catering & Cleaning Supervisors  6 – 9pm  Wed 1st October 

This workshop aims to support supervisors in catering and cleaning roles to look at how communication can enable better staff engagement.  It will help participants to understand better how communication works, the pitfalls and how to improve your own communication skills.  It will also look at how to prioritise your workload and deal with conflict. It will be delivered by Deirdre Gunn


Communicating Effectively To Support Staff  10am – 1pm  Fri 21st Nov

This workshop aims to support supervisors and managers to look at how communication can support engagement with staff on a range of issues.  It will help participants to understand better how communication works, the pitfalls and how to improve your own communication skills.  It includes understanding of how communication works and why it breaks down as well as the assertiveness model for effective communication.  It will be delivered by Deirdre Gunn


Managing Difficult Situations  (limited to 15 places)  10am – 4pm Tues 14th Oct

As a manager you are sure to be met with difficult situations, sometimes on a regular basis , whether this is through staff shortages, ineffective processes, performance or lack of engagement, whatever the reason the challenges we face as managers are never-ending.  Early intervention is imperative if we want to avoid or at least diffuse some of the conflict we can often face. This one day workshop aims to help you understand  the personal behaviours of both you and your team and the importance that motivation and adaptability can play in the workplace. There is not a one size fits all approach but this workshop will  help you develop techniques and strategies that will enable you to manage ‘difficult’ situations that ultimately support a win : win in the workplace!   It will be delivered by Jane Boyle, Mediator and HR Consultant.


The Life Course – Biographical Disruption and Effective Support   (16 places)  10am – 4pm Mon 17th Nov

This interactive one-day workshop is aimed at staff who support others in a management, supervisory or mentoring role. It will explore the difference between typical, predictable life-cycle events that affect us all (birth, childhood, education, adolescence, adulthood, work, retirement, death) and the ‘life course’ which varies from person to person, depending on their individual experience. The life course takes account of the notion of ‘biographical disruption’ which refers to often unforeseen and sometimes devastating events that may occur ‘out of the blue’ such as separation and divorce, chronic illness, unexpected loss etc. These unanticipated life interruptions can present significant disruption to people, not only in their personal lives, but also in terms of their adjustment to work. The workshop will explore some of these events, their impact on employees and how best managers, supervisors and mentors can get alongside staff to support them through such crises. It will be delivered by Robin McRoberts, Open University Associate Lecturer


Non UNISON Courses in the North West

There are a range of providers in the North West offering some great courses, so rather than compete for learners, we are encouraging members to access what is already there.


The Clear Project offers a range of courses free in the North West including Mental Health First Aid, Safe Talk, Self Harm Awareness and Working with people affected by alcohol and drug misuse.  These courses are targeted at people who are involved in the community/volutary sector or volunteer in any local community, church, youth group etc You can get information on courses through  http://www.clearproject.co.uk/ or ring 028 7138 3386


If you work for the Western Trust, their Health Improvement Team run a wide range of mental health, resilience, nutrition, breastfeeding, drug and alcohol, get active type courses.  http://www.westerntrust.hscni.net/HealthyLiving.htm or ring 028 7186 5127

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Please Return to Fidelma Carolan, Regional Organiser (Lifelong Learning) UNISON, Galway House, 165 York St., Belfast BT15 1AL  Fax 028 90327929 

or email to Anne Campbell A.Campbell2@unison.co.uk

 If you have any questions about the workshops contact Fidelma 07796675826  F.Carolan@unison.co.uk

All courses are free and lunch/refreshements are provided but there is no travel allowance available.


Clinical Formulation and Attachment Theory

Clinical Formulation and Attachment Theory

Dr Mark Conachy, Clinical Psychologist, Belfast Trust

23 July 2014 from 6-8pm

Room 0G 533, School of Psychology, Queens University Belfast BT9 5BP

On qualifying in 2003 Dr Mark Conachy worked as a Clinical Psychologist in the Lakewood Centre and Glenmona Resource Centre for approximately 4 ½ years with young people who were placed in both open and secure accommodation by Health Trusts or by the Courts.  Following this he worked as a Principal Clinical Psychologist in the Child & Family Clinic at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children and is now currently employed by the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist where he manages a specialist service for children & adolescents who are in foster, residential and kinship care. 

His presentation will examine how attachment theory informs his work with children and adolescents, many of whom are in and out of residential care and the juvenile justice system.  He will demonstrate how attachment theory adds depth to clinical formulation and how these are be used to help inform, think about, and work with adolescents in care the system.

To book your place please click on the following link before 21 July 2014- https://response.questback.com/britishpsychologicalsociety/attachmenttheory/


Critical thinking in social work : flourishing or languishing and does it matter?

 Visiting Scholar Presentation

Presentation by Dr. Eileen Gambrill

Hutto Patterson Charitable Foundation Professor of Child and Family Studies, School of Social Welfare, University of California, Berkeley

Critical thinking in social work : flourishing or languishing and does it matter?

June 17 th

2 PM to 4 PM

Canada Room, Queen’s University Belfast


Please confirm your attendance with Eileen Gray at e.gray@qub.ac.uk

Become a Community Champion


Become a Community Champion

To create a community where all people feel supported and engaged, where people look out for one another and where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. For more information contact the office:


Mount Vernon Community House

166—180 Mount Vernon Park

Mount Vernon


BT15 4BJ

T: 028 9077 5307



Funding for Students and Staff to Celebrate Annual Belfast Festival of Social Science

Queen’s and the University of Ulster are pleased to announce the opening of the 1st Annual Belfast Festival of Social Science in partnership with the Economic and Social Research Council’s (ESRC) National Festival.The festival will take place from Saturday 1st – Saturday 8th November 2014 throughout Northern Ireland. Applications are now invited from University Staff and Students and/or External Organisations across Northern Ireland who wish to organise an event as part of the festival. Applicants may request up to a maximum of £2000 for any single event, however the partners expect to fund between seven and twelve events from a total budget of £10,000. Externally funded events are also welcome to submit an application where the proposed activity meets the wider aims of the Festival and the organisers would like to benefit from association with the local and national Festival.Full details of the aims and objectives of the festival, the application process and examples of previous Festival events can be found at the following webpage: http://www.qub.ac.uk/directorates/ResearchEnterprise/ResearchDevelopment/UKandInternationalFundingOpportunities/CurrentCalls/BelfastFestivalofSocialSciences/


Further information on the ESRC National Festival can be found here: http://www.esrc.ac.uk/news-and-events/events/festival/organising/index.aspx


Applications must be submitted no later than 4pm on Friday 30th May 2014 to Dr Philip Graham (p.graham@qub.ac.uk


Please could you distribute details of this opportunity to your contacts.


If you have any questions please contact Philip Graham (p.graham@qub.ac.uk)




Anti Homophobia/Transphobia Week May 12th-18th

As part of Northern Ireland Anti Homophobia/Transphobia Week (May 12th  – 18th ), UNISON is running the following workshops which are free and open to all, however booking is essential. Wednesday 14th May 10am – 1pm  Assessing LGB People for Adoption & Fostering.  Organised by UNISON LGB&T (open to all)

This course is aimed at social workers and those involved in supporting adoption and fostering. “Over the past decade, there have been profound social and legal changes for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) people in the UK that impact on the practice of social work” (Fish, 2012).  This workshop provides an overview of assessment practice with LGB potential foster and adoptive parents.  We will hear the views of some LGB couples who have been through the process in Northern Ireland.  This will afford us the opportunity to reflect on how to ensure that we deliver sound, effective, anti-discriminatory practice in this area of social work.   It will be delivered by Paula Keenan, teacher, social worker and Organisational Development consultant.   To book a place contact Fidelma Carolan f.carolan@unison.co.uk  028 90270190.  Lunch is provided.

Thursday 15th May 10am – 1pm Implementing Person Centred Care for Older LGB&T People.  Organised by UNISON LGB&T (open to all)

See Me Hear Me Know Me guidelines were developed to support residential, day and domiciliary care providers meet the needs of older LGB&T people.  The guidelines have been endorsed by RQIA and are likely to feature as a future inspection theme.  This workshop is an opportunity for care providers to learn more about the issues which affect older LGB&T people and learn how they can ensure their services meet the needs.  It will be delivered by LGB&T sector in partnership with Age NI.  A copy of the guidelines are available at  http://www.publichealth.hscni.net/publications/see-me-hear-me-know-me%E2%80%99-guidelines   To book a place contact Fidelma Carolan f.carolan@unison.co.uk  028 90270190.  Lunch is provided.


Friday 16th May 10am – 1pm Tackling the T: Gender Variant Young People in Northern Ireland.  Organised by UNISON LGB&T (open to all)
This workshop will give you the opportunity to explore issues effecting young trans people in Northern Ireland including barriers to healthcare and education.  It will enable participants to explore language, terminology and engage with some of the issues.  It will be delivered by Amanda Stephens from YouthNet and Simon Steward  from SAIL.  To book a place contact Fidelma Carolan f.carolan@unison.co.uk  028 90270190.  Lunch is provided.




Regional Organiser (Lifelong Learning)


Galway House

165 York St.

Belfast BT15 1AL


Tel  07796675826 / 028 90270190




World Social Work Day QUB 19th March

An Invitation from the School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work

to join us in celebrating

World Social Work Day

Wednesday 19th March, 2014

Lanyon Building Great Hall

1pm to 2.30 pm

An interactive workshop on international practices in creative social work facilitated by

 Dr Elisabeth Grønning (using Puppetry)


Assistant Professor Jan Storø (using Film)

Oslo and Akershus University College, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Social Work, Child Welfare and Social Policy, Oslo, Norway

The Transition between the Known and the Unknown

Together with the participants the facilitators will undertake reflections on transition, and how important it is that children and youth actually understand what is happening in transitions – from the everyday ones, to the more difficult ones we will meet in social work situation (Leaving home going into foster care, Dad will have to go to prison, visiting dad /mum in prison, moving to an institution just to mention some examples.). The aesthetical methods can help to make a situation understandable and to create both safety and a common “language” for a child /youth to express themselves.  A puppet play, a song or the theme from a film can help to create a common focus for the child and the social worker). Participant in the workshop will be given the opportunity to try the aesthetical methods, like puppets/figures, play, song, music, film and experience how they can be social pedagogic tools. Together with the participants we will work with the method “Reflecting Team”  – and explore how the methods can be transferred to social work. Participants will work with cases and their own experiences, using aesthetical methods like puppets, songs, music and text.

To RSVP contact  j.anand@qub.ac.uk

Reporting Bad Practice Across Professions’

After a highly successful event on Transforming Your Care in October, which received very positive feedback, we are holding our second event of this academic year on 24th March at 6pm entitled ‘Reporting Bad Practice Across Professions’, exploring what issues around this important and controversial topic. We are delighted to welcome the Patient Client Council, Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland, General Medical Council, NI Social Care Council and the Royal College of Nursing to this event.

We are also privileged to welcome Niall Dickson, Chief Executive and Registrar at the General Medical Council and Heather Moorhead, Director of NICON to this exciting event.

A poster is attached, providing further information. Electronic Certificates of Attendance will be provided to all attendees and refreshments will be provided.

You must book your place at the link below in order to attend this event. PLACES ARE ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS AND ARE LIMITED. BOOK NOW TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT. You can book your place at: www.qhlfrbp.eventbrite.co.uk

Feel free to forward this email and poster on to anyone you think may be interested in attending this event.

If you require further information on the Forum or on this event please email healthcareleaders@qub.ac.uk. If you are looking to boost your CV we are looking for committee members – visit our website at www.qhlf.co.uk for more information.

Kind Regards

Adam Dalby
Chair, QHLF
on behalf of the 2013-14 Committee
W: www.qhlf.co.uk
F: qubhealthcareleaders
T: @qubhealthleader

Brussels (Careers in Europe) Tour

Brussels (Careers in Europe) Tour

Dissemination Event on  Wed 19 FEB 2014                                 

‘Drop-in’ 12-3pm in Careers Resources room    

Student Guidance Centre  

Format:                Students & staff ‘Drop-in’ across the 3 hours to:

·         network with Tour students,

·         learn about the application process for Tour 2014 (9th June for one week)

·         pick up the brochures created by Tour students

·         Refreshments provided!



This is a chance to hear about opportunities in high profile institutions such as the EU Parliament and Commission, Multi-national employers e.g. Oxfam and Dow Chemical and IBEC graduate programmes – find out more about careers in Europe.

Open to registered students of Queen’s University studying Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.  Students should ideally have some language proficiency and be interested in internships and graduate