Our Society is constituted for the following Membership Criteria:

  • Membership:
  • Ordinary membership is open to all registered students of Queen’s University upon payment of a subscription fee as set by the committee of the society.(£3.00)
  • Associate Membership is open to Non Queens University Students, Queens Academic Staff and Queens Student Union Staff upon payment of a subscription fee as set by the committee of the society (£12)
  • At an appropriate time the committee may suggest the award of an honorary Membership to any person, subject to the approval of the Society.
  • Membership applications of the society shall be restricted for 14 working days prior to any major society events involving voting or policy change.
  • Members of the Society shall understand that they have a responsibility as members of the society to work to the best of their abilities for the Palestinian people and their human rights as agreed by the society. Thus members of this society shall understand & agree that external and personal political views/ideals whilst accepted and understood from any individual basis cannot be applied to the society as a whole due to the diverse nature of the society and the audience it is trying to reach for the advocation on behalf of the Palestinian people as any negative impact on the Palestinian cause is of serious concern.
  • Anyone breaching the society constitution or the principles of the society shall be under review by the executive committee as stipulated in the constitution.

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