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The QUB Palestine Solidarity Society supports a peaceful resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict based on the principles of democracy, international law, human rights and justice. We advocate for a non-violent, just, equitable and sustainable peace; be that in the framework of two states or in one bi-national state – we find that it is up to the people on the ground working together to democratically determine their own future – only after human rights abuses, breaches of international law and the occupation have been resolved. We condemn all human rights abuses equally regardless of whether they come from the Israeli government, its policies and state actors, the Israeli Defense Forces, Settlers in occupied territories, the Palestinian Authority, Hamas or other actors’ party to the conflict.

We invite students from all backgrounds and political ideologies who are interested in active solidarity, robust advocacy, the events we run or those just simply wishing to expand their knowledge on the conflict to sign up as members and get involved!

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