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I’m Ciara. I work at Queen’s University Belfast, recruiting international students to the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences. I want to use this platform to share my experiences working at QUB, living in Northern Ireland, and travelling around the world. So, I guess the best way to start would be to tell you a little bit about myself!

Although I was born in Belfast, I spent most of my childhood in Scotland. I completed my degree in French and Spanish there, and as part of my studies I lived in France for a year teaching English, and in Spain for six months as an intern in the international office of a Spanish university; these experiences ignited my passion for travelling and international education in particular. After graduation, I decided to rediscover my roots and return to Northern Ireland, and I worked for the British Council for a few years on an international work placement programme for science and engineering stuents. This introduced me to the growing local tech and engineering industries, and the amazing research being carried out at QUB – and that leads me to where I am today!

I love living in Northern Ireland, because it has something for everyone.  But my favourite things to do include going to local gigs, trying new places to eat and exploring the countryside on my mountain bike. I’m really passionate about showcasing the huge amount of culture that this small country has to offer, and I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to share your own discoveries with me.


Although I’m new to QUB, I can already say that the atmosphere in this part of the city is infectious, and there is so much happening around campus that it’s hard to keep up! But I’ll do my best and share some of the fun things I get up to as part of my job, as well as interviews with some key members of staff about the opportunities they promote.

I consider myself really lucky to be able to combine my love of travelling with my career. Within the first few weeks of my job, I travelled to the south of India to attend a number of education fairs and visit international schools, and it was an incredible experience! This time next week, I’ll be in China, so I’ll talk more about the type of work I do abroad in my next post.

For now, thanks for taking the time to read my first entry, and feel free to get in touch!



Ciara Murray

Ciara Murray is an International Officer at Queen's University Belfast, managing student progression from INTO pathways onto Queen's degree programmes. Her blog aims to share her personal experiences living in Northern Ireland, working at QUB and travelling the globe.

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