Dr Marilina Cesario

I read my PhD at Manchester University and was a lecturer in Medieval English and History of the Language at Brasenose College, Oxford (2008-2010).

Prognostication, Magic, Science in Medieval England
Reception of Greek and Roman Mythology in Anglo-Saxon England
Milton and seventeeth-century Italian tragedies on the Fall

Research Statement
I’m mainly interested in prognostications in Old and Middle English. Part of my work focused on a textual and cultural analysis of two groups of prognostic texts, one concerning the interpretation of the sun and wind during the twelve nights of Christmas, and the other the Revelatio Esdrae, a type of divination based on astronomical calculations. Apart from offering a new critical edition both of these texts and of Latin and Anglo-Norman versions, I focused on the transmission history of the Old English texts and their role in Anglo-Saxon monastic society, arguing the case for their monastic (rather than pagan) origin.
I’m currently working on a monograph on “The Signs of the Weather in Anglo-Saxon England” funded by the Leverhulme Trust.
Recently I’ve developed an interest in the reception of Greek and Roman Mythology (particularly Ovid’s Metamorphoses) in Anglo-Saxon England.

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