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Adding up 1255 and 1381

Derek Crosby, a PhD student in Medieval History at Queen’s, reflects on politicians’ and journalists’  recent uses and abuses of the medieval past During the Conservatives’ recent bluster about ‘Britishness’ and ‘British Values’ in education, the Magna Carta was evoked as an example of the latter, which leads this labouring doctoral student to believe that […]

A Fiend in the Furrows: Perspectives on ‘Folk Horror’ in Literature, Film and Music

‘A Fiend in the Furrows’ is a three-day conference in association with the School of English and the Institute for Collaborative Research in the Humanities at Queen’s University Belfast, exploring ‘folk horror’ in British and Irish literature, film, television, and music. The event – running from 19-21 September 2014 – will include academic papers, film screenings, […]