Standards of Service: did you know?

Library staff work towards service standards to make sure that we provide our customers with the best possible service:

  • Did you know that we acknowledge all written enquiries within 1 working day and provide an initial or full response within 3 working days?
  • Did you know that on average we serve our users within 3 seconds of arrival at a library service point (during staffed hours) and that phone calls are answered within 14 seconds?
  • Did you know that 98% of our customers find our library staff helpful and friendly and that 99% of our customers find library staff knowledgeable?
  • Did you know that 100% of our users who attend library training sessions rate the staff who deliver training as helpful, friendly and knowledgeable?

If you have any thoughts on our service performance – or on any other aspect of the library service – we would love to hear from you. Please use our feedback form to share your comments, enquiries or complaints.

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