The McClay Library – Study Environment 2017-18

Welcome to the University for the 2017-17 academic year. Whether you are a new or a returning student, I am sure you will spend a lot of time in the McClay Library over the months ahead and we want to make sure that the service meets your needs in all respects.

We have a number of Study Environment policies in place which have been very successful and contributed significantly to student satisfaction with the Library service over the last couple of years.

Control of Noise
The Library is divided into zones (whisper and silent study). The location of these zones is well signposted and will be pointed out to you at induction if you are a new student. Signage showing the location of the zones is also located throughout the building.  You are asked to respect these zones and behave appropriately in each. Mobile phones should routinely be set to silent and used only in stairwells.

Food & Drink
While we are happy for you to have drinks with secure lids (both hot and cold) in any area of the Library (except the Special Collections Reading Room), food should only be eaten in the student lounge area on the ground floor. Consumption of food in the building creates a huge amount of litter and a significant cleaning overhead, as well as leaving study spaces unpleasant for others.

Reserving Seats
To ensure that study and PC spaces are fully utilised at all times, spaces should not be left unoccupied for more than 30 minutes. When you leave a PC for 30 minutes or more, you must save your work, logout and remove all of your belongings. If a PC is left idle for 30 minutes, then it will log out automatically and any unsaved work will be lost. Another student will be free to log in and use the space so your belongings may be at risk if they are left unattended. Please remember that staff will be happy to help you find a PC or study space if you experience any difficulty when the building is busy.

As well as staffing the enquiry desks on each floor, Library staff will operate a roving support service on all floors during the weeks ahead. They will offer help with Library services and resources and remind you about these policies where necessary. We also operate a “Noise alert” service throughout staffed hours during term time. Please report problems that you experience during staffed hours by e-mail to

Please support Library staff and help us to create the environment you have asked us to provide. We wish you all a happy and successful year and encourage you to provide any feedback on Library services to




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