Guidance on publication states for research presented at a conference

Pure offers the option to record the different stages of publication for research being presented at a conference. More than one date can be added and we encourage you to enter all the dates you have.

The following are some guidelines to use when selecting dates to add to your Pure record.

publication status1

In the publication state section there are a number of options:

  • In Preparation – this is when you are preparing research for submission to a conference. When an article is marked as ‘In Preparation’ it is not checked or validated by the Open Access Team and does not appear on the Research Portal.
  • Submitted – the date you submitted your research to a conference for consideration. This publication state does not appear on the Research Portal
  • Accepted – the date a paper, poster or abstract is accepted for presentation at a conference
  • Early online – Not usually used for presentations of research at a conference
  • Published – Once a paper, poster or abstract has been delivered it can be marked as ‘Published’ in Pure OR if a conference paper is to be published in a Proceedings then it is marked as ‘Published’ once the Proceedings are available either in paper, online or electronically.
  • Unpublished – We don’t use the ‘Unpublished’ option even though the research hasn’t been published in a formal sense

All these dates can now be added to the Pure record. Click on the Add Publication status and date.. button to add a further entry:

publication status3

For more information see our blog ‘Uploading research presented at a conference to Pure’.

If you have any further queries please contact the Open Access team.

For further information or assistance check out our Open Access LibGuide or visit our Twitter account.

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