HEFCE REF Compliance – Uploading the correct document

From April 2016 HEFCE’s Open Access Policy for the next REF states, that to be eligible for submission, you must deposit the accepted manuscript version of all your journal articles and published conference papers into an institutional repository (at Queen’s this is Pure) or subject repository. This must be done within three months of publication.

The final peer-reviewed manuscript is also known as the post-print:

  • It is the author’s final draft, after changes from peer review have been incorporated but prior to the published version.
  • It does not contain any publisher applied formatting such as headers, footers or pagination.
  • It is usually a plain Word or text file
  • It can also be described as ‘final accepted manuscript’, ‘final author version’, ‘final manuscript’, ‘final author manuscript’

Depositing the post-print version will allow compliance with the HEFCE policy and ensure your research is eligible for submission to the next REF.

If you need any help or assistance in uploading the correct document please contact the Open Access Team which is here to help you

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