University Archive Catalogue now available on line

The Queen’s University Archive is the institutional archive of the Queen’s University of Belfast, the arrangement of the archive collection reflects the history and functions of Queen’s. The Queen’s University of Belfast was established in 1845 as Queen’s College Belfast, it was one of three Queen’s Colleges in Ireland created at that time, the others being in Cork and Galway.

 The Queen’s Colleges did not have the authority to award degrees, those students who attended Queen’s College Belfast obtained their degrees from the Queen’s University in Ireland from 1850-1882 and the Royal University of Ireland from 1882-1908. In 1908 the Queen’s University of Belfast became an independent university.

 The catalogue is structured to reflect the work of Queen’s College Belfast, the Queen’s University of Ireland, the Royal University of Ireland and the Queen’s University of Belfast.

 The part of the University Archive collection that is available in the online catalogue relates to Queen’s College Belfast, the Queen’s University of Ireland and the Royal University of Ireland.

 Cataloguing of the Queen’s University Archive collection is ongoing and further descriptions of records in the collection will become available on a regular basis.

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