Inter- Library Loans – important changes

In order to deliver a more efficient, higher quality document supply service, the British Library has introduced a number of changes to its service which will affect your Inter Library Loan requests from 1st March

Avoid the expense of unnecessary renewals

The British Library is introducing an automatic renewal for any item which has not been returned on the due date stipulated by them. This will incur an additional cost and, therefore, an additional ILL allocation from your school. In order to prevent a negative impact on school allocation because of this unnecessary expenditure, the library has taken the decision to loan ILL books for a maximum of 4 weeks. This will allow time for the book to be returned to the library and posted back to the British Library. We will still be able to renew ILL material if necessary, but each renewal will also incur a cost of one additional ILL allocation from your school.

No early recall for in-demand items

You will be allowed to retain an item for the normal loan period even when it is in demand by another user.

More time to retrieve your SEDs

You will have 30 days to open articles emailed to you by the British Library and we will remind you, one week before it expires, if you have forgotten to do this.

New colour copying

 Where possible, the British Library will now scan and photocopy articles and book chapters in colour.

Help and assistance

 Articles emailed to you by the British Library will no longer come from ‘Archie’ but will be from . as the address suggests, you cannot reply to this address with any queries,but Libray staff are always available to help if you have a problem.



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