New features in Web of Science

The latest version of the Web of Science has some new features that should make it easier for users to find relevant articles.  For example:

  • All terms are now searched in the Topic field – there are no ‘stop’ words (the older version had a list of ‘stop’ words which were ignored by the search engine).
  • The new ‘lemmatization’ feature will automatically search for all variations of a word, such as plurals and verb tenses eg if you type in ‘run’, it will also search for ‘runs’, ‘running’ and ‘ran’.
  • Both British and US spelling variations are automatically included in your search eg typing in ‘behaviour’ will also pick up references with the US spelling ‘behavior’.
  • The truncation feature has been extended to include left-hand truncation.  This means that typing ‘*saccharide’ will search for any words which have letters before the word stem eg ‘monosaccharide’, ‘polysaccharide’ etc. 
  • Another useful new feature is the NEAR/x operator. This will allow you to search for articles where two terms appear within a set number of words eg ‘climate NEAR/4 desertification’.

If you have any questions or comments about the new version, please contact your Subject Librarian.

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