CROSSFIRE Service Ends, REAXYS Begins.

Access to the chemistry database Crossfire will end on 31st December. From midnight on New Year’s Eve 2010, no further logins to the server will be possible. Everyone trying to access Crossfire will be directed from the Commander’s logon box to the replacement Reaxys service at

The content of Reaxys dates back to 1771 and covers all the information held on the Crossfire database and much more. For example, substance (reaction) data from all three Crossfire sources is now merged into one substance (reaction) record. Searching is much more intuitive and streamlined. It is generally easier to use than Crossfire and accurate results can be retrieved very quickly.  The database is an independent web-based product and, unlike Crossfire, does not require any additional downloads. It is available through the Library’s Catalogue (QCat) or through Online Resources at  No username and password are required.

Reaxys is an invaluable database for anyone interested in all chemical compounds, bibliographical chemical data and chemical reactions and structures.

For further information, please contact Joan Whitaker , ext. 6270.

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