New Royal Society of Chemistry Platform Launched

The Royal Society of Chemistry has just launched a new, updated, content delivery platform for all its publications. It is hoped that the end of July timing for this launch will keep any possible disruption to RSC journal access to a minimum. Also, until everyone gets used to the updated website, for a short time, the old platform will run alongside the new one.

All our current subscriptions to Royal Society of Chemistry journals will link now to the new platform. Links to RSC magazines and news articles on the site are also included.

No registration is required but the RSC does recommend that anyone wanting to save searches or set up alerts should register on the site. Existing journal email alerts will not be affected.

Also available from the new website is a link to ChemSpider  – a free chemistry database provided by the RSC. ChemSpider brings together chemical structures and associated information into a single resource and offers text and structure searching. It includes 25 million compounds with over 400 data sources.

For further information, please contact Joan Whitaker,, ext. 6270.

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