International Pharmaceutical Abstracts

The International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA) is a database covering references to the entire spectrum of drug therapy and pharmaceutical information.  It covers clinical and technical drug information, pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical education and the legal aspects of pharmacy and drugs. 

Until recently IPA was available via the Ovid Silverplatter platform, which required the user to login with a username and password before being able to access the resource – this would have been in addition to their normal QUB login.  From 16th January 2009, IPA can only be accessed through the OvidSP platform, which currently hosts Embase and Medline.  This should eliminate the need for an additional, separate username and password.  Users should just access it in the same way as before, but from this date onwards, you will be directed to the new platform.  There will be a list of databases to select from, and IPA will be available in this list.

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