A Word of Warning

Careful nowHowever you have managed to stumble upon this hellspawn of blogs, I implore you turn back now, for the text you seek is of a perilous nature, and certainly not for the faint hearted. You will find ramblings of Reich, Pink Floyd and Tommy Potts among others, which are almost too terrifying to witness. It is for this reason each entry is guarded with a password. If, however, you believe yourself to be made of stronger stuff, you may request the password by emailing lhinchcliffe01@qub.ac.uk. A link to each post may be found below. Continue at your own risk, dear explorer of the internet, I pray your journey may bring you to a happy end.

Liam Hinchcliffe

Music For 18 Musicians – Steve Reich

Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

Kind of Blue – Miles Davis

The Liffey Banks – Tommy Potts

Conversations With Myself – Bill Evans

TurangalĂ®la Symphonie – Olivier Messiaen

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