Aphex Twin, Selected Ambient Works 85-92. Apollo.

If i were to describe the genre of this album upon my first listening, it would be hard to define.  As i listen further i can hear IDM and Acid Techno.  Acid Techno, a genre rather unsurprisingly used to describe this album as Aphex Twin is well known to have dabbled in LSD. Even the title “Ambient sounds” gives the impression that someone might be in a state of pure euphoria whilst listening to this.

The vague voices that can be heard in “Tha” really give the impression of someone lying in a room. If you can visualise; You are sitting in your bedroom with the windows half open, you can hear the wind and the exterior sounds of traffic. Whilst inside you may hear the interior sounds of the voices of your friends, or even the hum of the electricity or the blaring of the TV. In this song, the exterior sounds are the ones which are going on in the bedroom and the interior sounds are the existential thoughts which are reverberating inside his head. The fact that the voices are muted and dull, gives the impression he is not really aware of who is speaking or for that matter, what they are saying.

As the album progresses I can hear a more upbeat sound. The tempo increases giving the feel of a space dimension. We can hear the influence that Aphex Twin has had on the electro/techno music scene with the songs “pulsewidth” and “Green Calx”.  It gives an Infected Mushroom vibe. So we can already see that he has had an influence on the electro/techno scene. I can also hear the influences that he has had on groups such as Die Antwood with the dissonance.

In summary this album would probably be the influence of much of the music we hear today in the techno genre. Today’s electro groups in some way, we can attribute some elements of their songs, to Aphex Twin.