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Have you say! Share your experience as a first year entering university life!

As part of preparing for the 2013 Welcome Week in September, the Student Guidance Centre would like to provide students with an ‘e-book’ which will be a guide for new students to help them make the best transition into university life. Entering university life from school life can be difficult, daunting and sometimes a scary thought. We hope to provide in the e-book FAQ’s and the details about the services the Student Guidance Centre provides to students. We need your help however!! 

We are very keen to hear from as many students as possible on the following areas:

How did you make the transition into university life? and

When you were entering first year, what information would you have liked to have when coming to Queen’s?

If you could please spare a few minutes of your time to answer these questions and send your responses to it would be much appreciated. Help us to provide the best possible service to new students. Thank you.

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The National Student Survey: share your thoughts and you could win an ipad!

Speak up, and share your thoughts on the whole student experience with the National Student Survey. For more information and to complete the survey, follow this link:

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