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A student’s guide to surviving exams!

As most students are still relaxing from the Christmas holidays, that big fat grey cloud continues to hang over us all that is…. EXAMS. It is a time that unfortunately we cannot avoid and is crucial to us all but this can sometimes cause additional pressure for some that are already nervous.

So to try and keep at least a little bit of sanity over the revision period, the Student Guidance Centre has drawn up some survival tips:

-  Take advantage of the 24 hour library facilities over the next couple of weeks for some much needed quiet revising time

-  Take regular breaks from your revision to give your mind a rest. This will refresh you and get you ready for the next revision session

-  If you can, turn your computer and phone off while you study to avoid slipping into procrastination!!

-  Keep your exam timetable at the ready so that you can prepare your exam day in advance. To get a copy of your exam timetable, go to the ‘administration link’ (bottom left-hand corner) of your Queen’s online account

-  Ensure you have your student card in a secure place. It is not uncommon for students to lose their cards over the festive period. If you do…. DONT PANIC. Just come to level one of the Student Guidance Centre were we will issue you with a new card (please note there is a £10 cash charge for replacement student cards)

-  Don’t isolate yourself away from people, which is what a lot of students do. By remembering that you are not alone, you can reach out for help either with classmates, family, or friends to get some of that stress and frustration off your chest

-  During the Christmas period, Queen’s University will continue to offer their Counselling Service which is available to all students free of charge. This is an excellent confidential service that can help students talk about their concerns and issues. Whether it be university related or just wanting to get something off your chest, why not call for an appointment on our free phone 0808 800 0016 or alternatively you can email at

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