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Enrolment and Registration 2012/13: Returning Students

Well the time has come yet again, summer is officially over (if you could call it that!!) and students will be embarking on the next year of their academic studies. Here are some points to note for registering for this coming academic year:

-       All returning students MUST re-enrol using the online registration wizard via your QSIS account. Your school office will contact you via your Queen’s email account to inform you of when the online registration wizard will be online

-       All students (unless otherwise informed) can access the registration wizard from Wednesday 12th September

-       All Postgraduate Taught students due to submit a dissertation in September 2012 must also register in the same way to access eligibility for graduating in December, the same applies to PhD students due to submit their thesis

-       There are 10 steps for all students to complete in the online registration wizard. Please ensure you complete all 10 steps. If you have successfully completed the registration wizard, you will receive an email via your Queen’s email account to confirm successful completion

-       If you do not receive an email, this means you have not successfully completed the registration wizard. You will be sent a reminder email to complete the registration wizard

-       For returning International students, you will need to both complete the online registration wizard and present your updated visa check form (green form). To get the updated green form, international students must present their passports to the International Student Support Office (ground floor of the International and Postgraduate Student Centre)

-       If you do not successfully complete the online registration wizard  by the 12th October 2012, you will be penalised with a late registration fee of £50

-       For full details and guidance in enrolment and registration for the academic year 2012/13, please refer to the website

-       If any students have any issues or problems accessing their registration wizard, please contact the registration helpdesk on 02890 973223 or via email on

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