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So the moment of truth has finally arrived. Most of you should have received your exam results by now but for those of you that haven’t, the official publication date is Thursday 21st June so there isn’t long to wait. To check your results, simply log into your QSIS account and go to ‘main menu- self service-enrolment- view my grades’.

This time of year can leave students feeling a bit down if you didn’t get the grades you needed or had hoped for. But it’s important to remember that, whatever the grades are, help and support is always available.

If you have failed any exams or have concerns about your exam marks, the first step is to contact your personal tutor or advisor of studies. They are there to help you not just at this difficult time but also throughout your whole education here at Queen’s. They offer advice on your progress and can recommend ideas on how to improve your studies. To find out who your advisor of studies or personal tutor is, simply log into your QSIS account and go to ‘main menu- self service-student centre’. If you get there and it says ‘none assigned’, you can contact your school office and they will be able to check it out for you.


For students that have to do re-sit examinations in August, you must speak with your school office. They will enrol you for the examination on QSIS and then you MUST register for your re-sits which is again available on your QSIS account. The registration wizard for re-sits will open on Friday 22nd June and will close 5pm on Wednesday 11th July.


Students that have failed or didn’t get the results they expected can be left feeling disheartened, depressed and not sure what to do next. This realisation however can be seen as a positive thing as it can help you put into perspective where you have went wrong and that you need to focus more time and effort into your studies. Ask yourself what can you change for next year? Are you trying to juggle too much extracurricular activities with your studies? This may mean reducing your part time working hours or cutting back on your socialising down at the pub. Whatever the reason, it’s important to acknowledge this now so that you come back to next semester with a fresh mindset on how you will improve your studies. 

During the summer, Queen’s University continue to offer their Counselling Service which is available to all students free of charge. This is an excellent confidential service that can help students talk about their concerns and issues. Whether it be university related or just wanting to get something off your chest, why not call for an appointment on our free phone 0808 800 0016 or alternatively you can email at

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Summer is here!

Given the weather, this may not be the best statement however for the majority of students, exams are officially over. For some, graduation is just round the corner so it is important to keep checking your Queen’s email for any updates. Please note, the registration wizard for graduation is now open and closes Friday 22nd June at 12.30pm. If students are having any trouble what so ever with registering or general queries about graduation, please contact the Graduation Helpline on 02890 973223.

Whilst the prospect of graduating is exciting, it can also mean something else…. full time employment is now on your horizon. During this time for those that have not yet secured employment, the Queen’s Career Service continues to offer an out of service drop in session from 10.30am-12.30pm and 2.30pm-4.30pm daily. Guidance interviews are also still available during out of teaching hours however these will be limited so if you would like to enquire about the drop in service or guidance interviews, please call into level one of the Student Guidance Centre or alternatively, call on 02890 972727.

We continue to advertise all vacancies for students graduating or considering taking a placement year on the Queen’s Employability, Careers and Skills website.


Things to think about:

Need new accommodation? It’s important to secure good quality accommodation now before it all gets snapped up so why not check out what Queen’s has to offer in accommodation by going to or by calling into the Student Guidance Centre for a booklet. Alternatively, you can contact SU lets (the Students’ Union Lettings Agency) on 02890 231000, check out their website or simply call into in the Students’ Union to speak with an advisor.


Summer employment- For you students wanting to boost their CV’s and bank balance, have a look at the latest part time on campus jobs offered by Queen’s.

In the mean time, if you have any queries or need help finding support in any area of university life, you can call into level 1 of the Student Guidance Centre at the Information Desk for a chat. Alternatively contact us via email on or by telephone on 02890 972727.

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