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Enhance your Employability

Is having a degree enough to get you that dream job? Many students think of this when undertaking their course of study here at Queen’s. During your first and second year you may be thinking to yourself ‘I don’t need to think about applying for jobs just yet, I still have a couple of years to go’. The harsh reality is that in the current economic climate, for every one job, you can guarantee there will be many other students with similar qualifications going for the same job, so really you need to be thinking about enhancing your employability during your time at Queen’s  to give you the extra edge.  

So how do you enhance your employability? Well you can start by asking yourself the following questions:

Do you have a part time job?

Would you consider working or studying abroad for a semester?

Are you active in your local council or in a club or society?

Do you volunteer anywhere?

All of these things may not seem like much but they can make a real difference to your CV. Here at Queen’s, we offer a variety of services to help get you those little bonus points. For students graduating or considering taking a placement year, check out the Queen’s Employability, Careers and Skills website for the latest in careers opportunities.

Or for you students wanting to boost your CV and your bank balance…..  have a look at the latest part time on campus jobs offered by Queen’s.

If you already do some or all of the above, why not get some credit for it and sign up for the Degree Plus Award.

The next round for applicants wishing to consider studying abroad for a semester is also open until Friday 2nd March so get applying now. For further information, please check out the exchange programme link here or by calling into level 1 of the student guidance centre to speak to an advisor.

And finally, if you wish to speak to a member of careers about any of these issues whether it may be to help improve your CV, discuss a job application or just for a general chat about the career possibilities within your field, the student guidance centre offers a drop in service every day from 9-5 where you can speak to a careers advisor in a 15-20 minute consultation and if you feel you may need more time, you may book in for a guidance interview. All of these services are available to all students and are free of charge so why not take advantage of them.

In the mean time, if you have any queries or need help finding support in any area of university life, you can call into level 1 of the Student Guidance Centre at the Information Desk for a chat. Alternatively contact us via email on or by telephone on 02890 972727.

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