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Get your NUS Extra Card now!

Have you got your NUS Extra card yet? Why not join over 1/2 a million and for only £11 enjoy hundreds of discounts.

Remember, this year’s card expires on 31 August 2011, so get yours now and enjoy extensive student discounts all summer!

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Fees – what is actually happening?

For more information on the current situation in Higher Education funding go to

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St Patrick’s Day Festival Belfast 2011

Queen’s and University of Ulster in conjunction with Belfast City Council have compiled a fantastic line-up ranging from religious and cultural events to sporting and entertainments events to help celebrate St Patrickl’s Day this year. Visit for details.

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SGC Closure 17th March/Qsis Not Available 18th March

The Student Guidance Centre will be closed on Thursday 17th March. It will re – open on Friday 18th March at 9am. However, Qsis will not be operating on this day since maintenance work is being conducted. Therefore, some departments in the building will only be able to operate dimished services.

For more details contact the service in question, call the Information Desk on 02890 972727 or email

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Degree Plus – Get the extra credit you deserve

You hear it all the time; “make the most of your time at university” or “throw yourself into university life”.  And don’t get me wrong, organising a formal for 300 of your fellow students, or representing Queen’s by leading a tour for a sporting club can be good craic. Even working a part time job at the union can help you pick up skills you wouldn’t have had otherwise. But are you feeling like all this time and effort won’t actually leave you with much after graduation?  Apart from maybe some fond memories?!

With Degree Plus, employers don’t just don’t have to take your word for it when you need to show that your extra-curricular activities at Queen’s helped you grow as a person. The award is designed to provide official recognition of extra-curricular activities and achievements. It’s open to all full-time and part-time undergraduate, and postgraduate taught students during 2010/11 academic year and, if awarded, will be presented to you alongside your degree when you graduate.

“Employers are looking for graduates who can demonstrate that they have the skills needed for workplace success – the Degree Plus Award will help you do this.  Many activities you participate in – whether you serve as a Course Rep or have a part-time job or are engaged in voluntary work – may be allowing you to acquire important employability skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication and commercial awareness.  The Degree Plus Award allows these skills and this experience to be formally recognised.” Degree Plus, What’s it all about?

But what kind of stuff can earn you Degree Plus? Well, there are two ways you can work towards the award. Route A activities allows students to gain credit for attending pre established extra- curricular course or programmes (click here to view a list of recognised Route A courses and options).

Whereas, Route B allows students to combine a range of activities to create their own personalised Degree Plus Award (click here for Route B options). This route requires you to submit documentary evidence of the activities you have undertaken alongside the Combined Pathway Application Form. This means you are asked to write a maximum of 500 words outlining the experiences you wish to submit for degree plus, and a report of at least 1000 words explaining what you have learnt.

If you feel you need to check which route a certain set of activities will contribute, simply email with the details to receive a decision. For those graduating in July  Route B applicants must submit their forms alongside appropriate evidence by 1st April 2011. For students graduating in December  the deadline is 1st October 2011.

This means there’s still time to submit your extra-curricular experiences to be considered for Degree Plus! Don’t put it off, get the credit you deserve!


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Have Your Say – This Week’s SU Elections

So, it’s that time of year again. Areas around campus will be filled with students wearing brightly coloured t-shirts, dishing out boxes of sweets and candy, all in the name of earning your vote for this year’s Queen’s Student’s Union Sabbatical Officer elections! But what is the election even for? And how will it actually affect students?

Well, the Students’ Union is run by seven elected student officers, a management team and a range of both full-time and part-time staff. These student officers are elected each year in March, which means that if you’re a Queen’s student – you can vote!

Positions to be elected this year are:


Vice President Campaigns & Communications

Vice President Clubs & Societies

Vice President Community

Vice President Equality & Diversity

Vice President Welfare

Vice President Education

The student officers help to manage areas which affect your day to day student life, and are answerable to the Students’ Union Council which consists of 120 student members from across the University. This system is designed to ensure that the student Council and elected officers ‘work together to ensure that each decision made by the Students’ Union is a decision that is beneficial to students’ (QUBSU Website). You could say that, now more than ever, it’s important for students to have a Student’s Union that they feel represents them…

So, if you want to know what each of the candidates stands for- their views and ideas- then you can find their manifesto by clicking here. Polling for these elections will take place, via Queen’s Online, from 7am on Tuesday 1 March 2011 until 5pm on Wednesday 2 March 2011. Just click the ‘online voting’ link in the ‘My Services’ menu on the left hand side of the page.

If you have trouble voting, please contact the Returning Officer, Dominic Doherty by email at or by phoning him on 02890 973726 and include your Student Number.

This is your chance to have a say in who represents you, so use it!

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