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More Than A Virtual Certainty

If you’re anything like me, taking that step to get some support or extra information related to your studies can sometimes prove a real labour. Questions like “did I do that right in my last essay?” or “how am I even going to go about finding a job at the end of all this?” are (most often) not things you can just drop into casual conversation with friends. Finding who to go to for advice, and at a time that suits can also be a push. Again, if you’re anything like me, a jammed packed schedule means that when it comes to your “free” time, you may be lacking that “get up and go” that helps you find out how to reassess your research skills or discover information about graduate employers in your subject area. Ah, yes. Instead, I’ll most often just take some time to bask in the glory of the virtual ether that is today’s online social media, Facebook, Twitter and Skype have never looked so good…

But wait!….OK, you’ve guessed it. Here’s the part where I tell you about how you can use your time online effectively by getting those niggling questions you always had answered. We’ll not use the “it’s informative and fun” line, but seriously, why not see what’s available? You might come across information that may just be crucial on that next exam, or details about activities that will really help you sell yourself to employers.

1. Know what’s going on. The university as a whole is on Twitter (@QueensUBelfast). Likewise  the Careers, Employability and Skills department (@CareersatQueens) can keep you constantly updated you about events and opportunities. Careers are also now on Facebook (Click here) and, finally, the service also uploads their weekly PDF newsletter here. There’s so many easy ways to keep up with the latest news.

2. Careers also have a plethora of online resources hosted on their website. Make the first step and start “Planning your route from study to employment!

3. The Learning Development Service are now piloting a scheme where students can make appointments for advice on study skills via Skype! Either make an appointment in advance by emailing or see their website for information on when an advisor will be on “virtual duty”. LDS’s website also hosts so many good resources. Which in my experience I  didn’t realise that I  really really needed until I looked at them!

So whilst getting that top grade or finding a decent job may never be simple as Simon says, the first step to getting help has never been so easy!

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