Research Seminars

Starting from December 2011, ILinG has rolled out a series of seminars as below. Please click the links in the table for abstracts or further details. Poster of the list of seminar can be downloadable from HERE. All ILinG seminars are open to students and staff interested in language studies. No prior registration is needed.





9 December 2011 (Friday) 2-3pm Jonathan Allen Thompson (Queen’s University Belfast) Temporal patterning and narration in French rugby commentary, in the medium of television PGRC Seminar Room (0G008), 18 College Green
27 January 2012 (Friday) 2-3pm Robert Ping-Nan Chang (Queen’s University Belfast) An exploratory genre analysis of research article abstracts in architecture PGRC Seminar Room (0G008), 18 College Green
10 February 2012 (Friday) 2-3pm Rocio Montoro (University of Granada) Never judge a book by its cover: The case of Chick Lit PGRC Seminar Room (0G008), 18 College Green
24 February 2012 (Friday) 2-3pm Fabiana Macedo Fausto (Queen’s University Belfast) Narrative structure of the fable: Verbal and visual perspective PGRC Seminar Room (0G008), 18 College Green
Lizzie Scott (Queen’s University Belfast) The characteristics of language acquisition in autism: a (critical) review
9 March 2012 (Friday) 2-3pm Julian Warner (Queen’s University Belfast) Transformations of meaning in full text retrieval PGRC Seminar Room (0G008), 18 College Green
23 March 2012 (Friday) 2-3pm Irina Pararova (Leuphana Universität Lüneburg) Epistemic adverbs: Pragmatic variation in British and Irish English PGRC Seminar Room (0G008), 18 College Green
27 April 2012 (Friday) 2-3pm Jane Lugea (Queen’s University Belfast) Searching for a frog in a text-world: A corpus of Spanish and English spoken narratives PGRC Seminar Room (0G008), 18 College Green
2 May  2012 (Wednesday)4pm Colin Mills (Queen’s University Belfast) Variations of informativity in written and spoken folktales in French and Dagara (a language of Burkina Faso) Room G01, 16 University Square [Joint event with School of Modern Languages]
9 May 2012 (Wednesday) 4pm Anne Le Draoulec (Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail) From presupposition to assertion: The case of avant que/avant de
16 May 2012 (Wednesday) 4pm Mícheál Ó Mainnín (Queen’s University Belfast) Annexing Irish Names to the English tongue; Language contact and aspects of the Anglicisation of Irish place-names
25 May 2012 (Friday) 2-3pm Barbara Renzi (Queen’s University Belfast)Giulio Napolitano (Queen’s University Belfast) Evolutionary analogies: Is the process of scientific change analogous to the organic change?Information extraction and inference from pathology reports: computational linguistics and reasoning techniques PGRC Seminar Room (0G008), 18 College Green
8 June 2012 (Friday) 2-3pm Kyung Hye Kim (University of Manchester) Discourse shifts in translation: news discourses about North Korea PGRC Seminar Room (0G008), 18 College Green
Helen Morrow (Queen’s University Belfast) “There’s more to life than hair, but it’s a good place to start”: A feminist linguistic analysis of French and English cosmetics advertising slogans
22 June 2012 (Friday) 2-3pm Mandy Collins (University College Cork) Scaffolding academic language acquisition in the multilingual post-primary classroom PGRC Seminar Room (0G008), 18 College Green

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