Royal Engineers Soldier Serving with the United Nations

Studying at the Queen’s School of Law Human Rights Centre is complemented by a range of internships with local community and international organisations.

If you are interested in interning in a local human rights organisation please contact Dr Ronagh McQuigg.

International Internships


Law School:


Human Rights

Guide to International Human Rights Internships and Fellowships:

Office of the High Commission for Human Rights

UN High Commission for Refugees

International Service for Human Rights 

Human Rights Watch 

Amnesty International

UN Careers

Death Penalty

Reprieve in London offers death row internships in the USA, London and Pakistan.

Also there are few opportunities in the USA:


American Bar 

Death Penalty Project 


International Criminal and Transitional Justice

Coalition for the International Criminal Court – Hague 

 Refugee Law Project – Kampala

Justice and Reconciliation Project – Gulu 

 Women’s Initiative for Gender Justice – Hague

International Criminal Court - Hague

International Centre for Transitional Justice – NY 

International Justice Project – NY

Institute for Security Studies – Pretoria 

Redress – London