Media Outputs

Media outputs

Roundtable on the Lubanga reparations decision 

L. Moffett, Al-Bashir’s escape: why the African Union defies the ICC, The Conversation (June 2015)

L. Moffett, Victims at the ICC – Who’s Representing Who? Victim legal representation in the Uganda situation, Justice in Conflict (May 2015)

L. Moffett, Congo warlord’s acquittal upheld by ICC as assault on Hutu militia begins, The Conversation (February 2015)

L. Moffett, Dominic Ongwen and the slow-grinding wheels of the International Criminal Court, Open Security, (January 2015)

L. Moffett, Dominic Ongwen surrenders – but justice for Lord’s Resistance Army victims will be hard to find, The Conversation (January 2015)

L. Moffett, After the collapse of the Kenyatta case, how is the ICC supposed to help victims?, The Conversation (December 2014)

L. Moffett, Can Islamic State be forced to pay victims for their suffering? The Conversation (November 2014)

L. Moffett, If Uhuru Kenyatta trial falls apart, the ICC may be doomed, The Conversation (October 2014)

L. Moffett, Syria and the International Criminal Court: justice denied, Open Security (May 2014)

L. Moffett, Iraq redux: British commanders before the ICC? Open Security (January 2014)