International Criminal Justice Unit


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The Human Rights Centre has a long history of working in countries transitioning from conflict or authoritarian regimes from local work in Northern Ireland to international research in countries such as Turkey, Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Colombia and Sri Lanka. We work closely with neighbouring Transitional Justice Institute, Ulster University, as well as different organs of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC).

Submissions to the International Criminal Court

Prosecutor v Germain Katanga

Submission on Sexual Slavery June 2009

Submission on Reparations

PhD blogs

Eithne Dowds ‘Prosecuting Rape in International Criminal Law: Challenges and Possibilities’ 7/10/15.

Rachel Killean ‘Victim Participation in International Criminal Courts: A Critical Victimological Perspective’ 7/10/15.

Academic Outputs

L. Moffett, Elaborating Justice for Victims at the International Criminal Court Beyond Rhetoric and The Hague, Journal of International Criminal Justice 13(2) (2015) 281-311.

R. Killean, An Incomplete Narrative: Prosecuting Sexual Violence Crimes at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, Journal of International Criminal Justice, 13 (2) (2015) 331-352.

L. Moffett, Meaningful and Effective? Considering Victims’ Interests Through Participation at the International Criminal Court, Criminal Law Forum 26(2) (2015) 255-289.

L. Moffett, Justice for victims before the International Criminal Court, (Routledge 2014).

L. Moffett, Realising Justice for victims before the International Criminal Court,  ICD Brief 6 (September 2014).

L. Moffett, Reparative Complementarity: Ensuring an Effective Remedy for Victims in the Reparation Regime of the International Criminal CourtInternational Journal of Human Rights 17(3) (2013) 368-390.

A. Kramer and R. Killean, Security Council Referrals to the ICC: A Politicised System, Irish Yearbook of International Law, 7 (2012) 117-146.