Human Rights in Northern Ireland

Contact Person: Prof Brice Dickson

Queen’s University Human Rights Centre has a long history working alongside civil society and government bodies in promoting and ensuring respect for human rights in Northern Ireland. Our members have worked with the Human Rights Commission, Policing Board, Committee on the Administration of Justice and the Commission for Victims and Survivors. Our LLM teaching draws upon this experience and research interest to give our students the best research-led teaching in human rights in Northern Ireland. Most of our research can be found in the resource section, but below are some annual reports on the human rights situation in Northern Ireland complied by Professor Brice Dickson.

Annual human rights reports on Northern Ireland in the Irish Yearbook of International Law by Prof. Brice Dickson:





Colin Harvey, ‘Revisiting a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland’

Colin Harvey, ‘The Future of Human Rights on these islands’

 Brice Dickson and Colin Harvey ‘Options on the Way Forward for Human Rights in Northern Ireland’

Colin Harvey, ‘Rights, Equality and Social Justice in a Cold Climate’ 

Colin Harvey, ‘Rights in a Fractured Union’

Colin Harvey, ‘Faith in Human Rights and Equality’

Colin Harvey, ‘Reconstructing the “Political Constitution” of Northern Ireland’

 Colin Harvey, ‘Engaging with Human Rights in a Disunited Kingdom’ 

Colin Harvey, ‘Time is Right for a New Constitutional Beginning’

Colin Harvey, ‘Where Now for the Northern Ireland Bill of Rights Process?’

Colin Harvey and Colm O’Cinneide, ‘Dos and don’ts for the Bill of Rights Commission’

Colin Harvey, ‘What Kind of Constitutional Convention do you want?’

Colin Harvey, ‘The Case for a Bill of Rights’

Colin Harvey, ‘Universities in Times of Crisis and Renewal’

Colin Harvey and Colm O’Cinneide, ‘Do the Rights Things’

Colin Harvey, ‘Listen to Northern Ireland’s Advice on a Bill of Rights’

Colin Harvey, ‘Equality for all must now be set in Stormont Stone’