Working Papers

The members of the Human Rights Centre regularly produce a number of papers on their current research areas:

Jean Allain, Exploitation as Concept Rather than Typology (2015)

Luke Moffett, Transitional Justice and Reparations (2015)

Dug Cubie and M.M.E. (Marlies) Hesselman,  Accountability for the Human Rights Implications of Natural Disasters: A Proposal for Systemic International Oversight (2015)

Shane Kilcommins and Luke Moffett, The Inclusion and Juridification of Victims on the Island of Ireland (2015)

Jean Allain, 125 Years of Abolition: The Law Curtailing Slavery and Human Exploitation (2014)

Jean Allain, Sham Adoption: The DNA of a Conventional Servitude (2014)

Luke Moffett, Navigating Complex Identities of Victim-Perpetrators in Reparation Mechanisms (2014)

Christopher McCrudden, Human Rights, Southern Voices, and ‘Traditional Values’ at the United Nations (2014)

Christopher McCrudden, Faith-Based Non-Governmental Organizations in the Public Square (2014)

Christopher McCrudden, The Pluralism of Human Rights Adjudication (2014)

Sylvie Langlaude, Parental Disputes, Religious Upbringing and Welfare in English Law and the ECHR (2014) 

Ronagh McQuigg, A Contextual Analysis of the Council of Europe’s Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women (2014)

Bal Sokhi-Bulley, Counter-Conduct or Resistance? The Disciplining of Dissent in the Riot City of London (2014)

Luke Moffett, Beyond Attribution: Responsibility of Armed Non-State Actors for Reparations in Northern Ireland, Colombia and Uganda (2013)

Jean Allain, Fydor Martens and the Question of Slavery at the 1890 Brussels Conference (2013)

Jean Allain, Anarchy and International Law: The Approaches of Hedley Bull and Noam Chomsky (2013)

Slylvie Langlaude, Lautsi v Italy: Coercion and Lack of Neutrality in the Classroom? (2013)

Ronagh McQuigg, The Use of the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities in the Courts of Victoria (2012)

Ronagh McQuigg, Domestic Violence and the ECJ: Joined Cases C-483/09 and C-1/10 Magatte Gueye and Valentin Salmeron Sanchez (2012)

Ronagh McQuigg, How Effective is the United Nations Committee against Torture? (2011)

Ronagh McQuigg, How Could Human Rights Law Be Used by the Courts to Assist Victims of Domestic Violence? A Comparative Study (2010)

Sylvie Langlaude, Children’s Best Interests, Religion and Custody: A Complex Relationship (2010)

Sylvie Langlaude, On How to Build a Positive Understanding of the Child’s Right to Freedom of Expression (2010)

Sylvie Langlaude, The Rights of Religious Associations to External Relations: A Comparative Study of the OSCE and the Council of Europe (2010)

Jean Allain, The Nineteenth Century Law of the Sea and the British Abolition of the Slave Trade (2008)

Sylvie Langlaude, Children and Religion under Article 14 UNCRC: A Critical Analysis (2008)

Sylvie Langlaude, The Right of the Child to Religious Freedom in International Law (2007)

Sylvie Langlaude, 97 Members of the Gldani Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses and Four Others V Georgia (2007)

Sylvie Langlaude, Indoctrination, Secularism, Religious Liberty and the ECHR (2006)

Jean Allain, The True Challenge to the United Nations System of the Use of Force: The Failures of Kosovo and Iraq and the Emergence of the African Union (2004)

Jean Allain, The Legacies of Lockerbie: Judicial Review of Security Council Action or First Manifestation of ‘Terrorism’ as a Threat to the Peace? (2004)