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Belfast Trust “Welcome to HONNI” training

New to HONNI? Work within the Belfast Trust?

The Medical & HSC Library is running a series of training sessions for new BHSCT HONNI members. These training sessions will introduce you to the Library, and give you an overview of how to access our services, in particular finding on-line resources such as ebooks and ejournals.

The dates of the training sessions are below – to book a place at a session, click on the appropriate link, then click Register.

WED, 22 JUN AT 12:30    https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/welcome-to-honni-an-introduction-for-belfast-trust-staff-tickets-25017141945

WED, 17 AUG AT 12:00    https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/welcome-to-honni-an-introduction-for-belfast-trust-staff-tickets-25642727087

TUE, 6 SEP AT 12:30         https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/welcome-to-honni-an-introduction-for-belfast-trust-staff-tickets-25642738120

If you have any questions, please email Richard Fallis.


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BCH to RVH Shuttle Bus – New Timetable 18/04/2016

There is a new, extended timetable for the Belfast Trust shuttle bus that QUB students and HSC staff can use to travel between Belfast City Hospital and the Royal Victoria Hospital.

For details of the new timetable, click on the image below.

BCH to RVH bus timetable

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2015 Satisfaction Survey Results

Thank you to all who responded to the 2015 Satisfaction Survey.  We had an acceptable response rate of 7% and we were delighted with the positive comments from HSC library members.  You commented, in particular, on the helpfulness of library staff, the swift response to requests for journal articles and the ease of use of HONNI.

Some examples of your comments:

  • Just lately I received an article that I was unable to print off directly from HONNI site. I contacted the library to see if they could locate my request. Gratefully I received the article with no problems or issues. I would like to congratulate the staff for this as I do not live local to main libraries.
  • I have found the HONNI computer training to be very useful. Even when I have struggled to find things I have always found the Library staff extremely supportive and you can attend the training again if you are not feeling competent in using the services. I have really appreciated this.
  • Librarians are extremely helpful and source hard to find references. They will find ways of delivering the items to you if you cannot collect them yourself.
  • Access to material is simple and straight forward.  Staff are very helpful especially when trying to access books located in other libraries throughout the province.

We shall endeavour to continue to deliver a high standard of service to you and respond to suggestions made so do please contact us if we can help in any way.

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New to HONNI? Then read this

We’ve created a special, introductory guide to HONNI and the Medical & HSC Library, aimed at new members, and at existing members who simply want to get to know the Library better.

The guide contains sections on:

  • The different branches of the Library
  • Navigating the HONNI website
  • Accessing e-books
  • Searching for journal articles
  • Requesting items
  • Getting help and support

You can access the guide by going to: http://libguides.qub.ac.uk/honni/introduction

 Introducing HONNI

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HONNI Update December 2015

Click the image below to access the latest issue of HONNI Update in PDF format.


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