NEW Rheumatology Current Awareness Bulletin

The HSC Library has introduced a new current awareness bulletin covering rheumatology.

Published monthly, the bulletin connects you to the full text of new rheumatology research articles, published in a selection of journals subscribed to by the HSC Library.

You can view the rheumatology bulletin online by going to: http://libguides.qub.ac.uk/honni/medicinebulletins/rheumatology

Also, you can sign up to receive new issues of the bulletin by email each month. To do this, please contact Richard Fallis.

Current awareness bulletins covering other specialties are also available:

  • Anaesthesia
  • Cardiology
  • Dentistry
  • Diabetes
  • Emergency Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • Gynaecology
  • Haematology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Paediatrics
  • Psychiatry

Current and past issues of these bulletins can be viewed at http://libguides.qub.ac.uk/honni/medicinebulletins/welcome.

Watch out for more new current awareness bulletins being introduced in the near future.

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BNF and BNFC free app now available


The BNF and BNFC are now available as a free app.

Go to https://www.bnf.org/products/bnfbnfcapp/ to download the app for your mobile device.


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Medical and HSC Library Opening Hours Survey – You Said, We Did

Thank you to everyone who responded to the Medical and HSC Library Opening Hours Survey 2017. The survey ran from 25 April to 19 May and its focus was to gauge opinion about the opening hours and whether they met the needs of our users. The survey attracted a response rate of 5.7%. Comments and feedback received have been analysed by library staff and we have identified some areas where we thought it would be useful to respond:


Access to The McClay Library

HSC members of the Medical and HSC Library are entitled to use The McClay Library and the Biomedical Library. In order to gain access, you must have your library smartcard with you, scanning this at sentry on the way into the Library. If for some reason your card doesn’t read, please contact a member of Medical and HSC Library staff for assistance.


Access to UpToDate

UpToDate is not currently available via the HSC Library. HSC staff in the Northern, Western, Southern and South Eastern Trusts can access UpToDate via their Trust intranets. UpToDate is not available to Belfast Trust staff. The HSC Library subscribes to ClinicalKey which features a ‘First Consult’ point-of-care component. For information on accessing First Consult, please contact your Specialist Librarian.


Car Parking

The Medical and HSC Library is located in the Mulhouse Building on the Royal Victoria Hospital site. It is accessible on foot, by car or by using the free shuttle bus running between the Belfast City Hospital site and the Royal Victoria Hospital site. Use of the car parks, and the cost of car parking is controlled by Car Parking Services on the Royal Victoria Hospital site and is outside of the Library’s control.


Varying Opening Hours

As a QUB Library, the Medical and HSC Library adopts term-time and vacation opening hours. However, we recognise that the changing opening hours can be confusing for users to keep track of, and as part of this exercise, we aim to make our opening hours more streamlined.


Using Trust logins in the Medical and HSC Library

As Hospital Trusts process and transmit personal and confidential patient data and commercially sensitive information, access to their networks must be strictly controlled and they are not able to facilitate Trust Logins from the Medical and HSC Library site.   


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Karger Diabetes Article Trial

Karger diabetes

The Medical & HSC Library has set up trial access to the Karger Diabetes package of 2016 journal articles.

To access the trial:

(1) Email Richard Fallis for the trial User-ID and password
(2) Go to https://www.karger.com/Tap/Home/271371
(3) Click Login
(4) Log in with trial User-ID and password (see step 1)
(5) Scroll down to view all articles included in the trial – click on titles to view article details and download PDF full text

The trial will run until Friday 21st August 2017.

To provide feedback on the trial, please email Richard Fallis, Specialist Librarian for Medicine, Dentistry & Healthcare Sciences.

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Ebook Central changes

Attention if you use Ebook Central bookshelf


There will be some changes to the set up of e-books provided by EBook Central.   If you have used the bookshelf facility to bookmark or make notes on Ebook Central items the changes will result in the loss of anything you have saved.  It only affects titles available via Ebook Central, all other ebooks will be unaffected.  Please check your EBook Central bookshelf and take a note of anything saved in the bookshelf facility before the end of June.  There is also a list of EBook Central titles should you wish to check by title.

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New-look Databases A-Z

The Medical & HSC Library’s A-Z list of databases has been given a new look.

There are no longer multiple tabs to choose from. Instead, databases are listed on a single page, resulting in a clearer layout and easier navigation.

You can access the A-Z by going directly to http://libguides.qub.ac.uk/honni/databases or by going to www.honni.qub.ac.uk > Databases A-Z.

New-look Databases A-Z

Have questions about databases or require training? Please contact your Subject Librarian: http://www.honni.qub.ac.uk/ServicesforHSCStaff/TrainingSupport/


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