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Top 3 HONNI resources for AHPs

There will be a training session for all Allied Health Professions aimed at those who already use HONNI but would like to find out more.  The session will focus on 3 of the key resources for AHP’s enabling you to search more effectively and systematically for the relevant literature in your field.

Tuesday 9th August 2016


Training room, Medical & HSC Library, Mulhouse Building, RVH

If you wish to attend this session please register at the link below:-


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Requesting Medicine Literature Searches

If you are registered to use HONNI, and are working within medicine, dentistry or biomedical sciences, you can now request literature searches from your subject librarian, Richard Fallis.

Ultimately, it is best if you carry out your own searches. But, if you are short on time, or struggling to find results, Richard is happy to carry out searches for you, in the databases of your choice.

To request a literature search, simply fill in this on-line form.

Please note: this form can only be used by HONNI members who work within medicine, dentistry and biomedical sciences.

If you have any questions about requesting or carrying out a literature search, please email Richard.

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Easter Closures

The Medical Library and Biomedical Library are closed for Easter from Friday 25th March until Tuesday 29th March inclusive.

Individuals wanting to visit their local HSC Library are advised to contact the appropriate library directly to confirm their opening hours over the Easter period.

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St. Patrick’s Day closure

All libraries will be closed on Thursday 17th March for St. Patrick’s Day, reopening as normal on Friday 18th March.

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What’s happened to the E-Journals A-Z?

You have probably noticed that what used to be an A-Z list of electronic journals has undergone a transformation.  It has a new look and is no longer a simple listing of journal titles that you can browse through or search.  Now it includes e-books as well as e-journals, and finding journal titles and content is easier because of a number of new features.

New Features

  • Start to type a journal title into the search box.  A list of available options appears in a drop-down list as you type, and you can select from the list without having to type the full title yourself.
  • There is also a ‘Browse by Discipline’ feature which allow you to look for publications in a general subject area.  From the results displayed you can further refine to specific topics.
  • When a title is found, a ‘Search within Publication’ box may be displayed, depending on the source of the title.  Where it appears, it allows you to search the title directly without having to go to the source first.  Results are therefore obtained much more quickly.

Whether or not a ‘Search within Publication’ box is displayed, there will be a list of all the sources from which a particular journal or book is available, along with dates of coverage.  As before, select the source with the coverage you want and you will be taken to the title in the source database, after logging in if you have not already done so.

The new system has been renamed ‘E-Publications’ to reflect the fact that it contains more than just e-journals and is no longer strictly an A-Z list.  Its added functionality makes it much more than a traditional A-Z.

A link to ‘E-Publications’ appears on the HONNI home page under ‘Help from the Library’ and in the top menu bar on all screens of the HONNI discovery service.

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HONNI Responds to demand for Mobile access

It will be news to no-one that usage of mobile devices for internet access has increased dramatically in recent times, yet many websites were built using static dimensions and positioning not easily viewed on anything other than a standard PC monitor.

The web design industry responded by developing something called ‘responsive design’ which helps to ensure that sites are usable from whatever devices users select for viewing. In a short space of time ‘responsive design’ has become part of good design practice.

The recently redesigned HONNI website is built on responsive principles, and you should now find that it quickly adapts to whatever device you use for access. Of course some older browsers don’t recognise responsive techniques so, if you are using a PC with Internet Explorer version 8 (IE8) for example, then its responsive features will not be apparent, although it will still be perfectly usable. For the most part, tablet PCs and smart phones will not suffer from this limitation and the site will adapt easily for viewing on these devices.

Most HSC Trusts still use IE8 out of necessity because clinical applications require it. So, if you are using a PC running IE8, be aware that HONNI will not exhibit responsiveness. Furthermore, you may have problems accessing certain resources as many providers have ceased supporting IE8. Trust IT departments are well aware of these issues which will be addressed whenever possible. Meanwhile, most Trusts will install alternative browsers on request if required and we have asked that HONNI Hubs be upgraded to IE11 where possible.

On PCs with more up-to-date browsers and on mobile devices generally, the new HONNI website will be fully responsive. We hope this development will be beneficial for busy professionals constantly on the move.

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