New-look Databases A-Z

The Medical & HSC Library’s A-Z list of databases has been given a new look.

There are no longer multiple tabs to choose from. Instead, databases are listed on a single page, resulting in a clearer layout and easier navigation.

You can access the A-Z by going directly to http://libguides.qub.ac.uk/honni/databases or by going to www.honni.qub.ac.uk > Databases A-Z.

New-look Databases A-Z

Have questions about databases or require training? Please contact your Subject Librarian: http://www.honni.qub.ac.uk/ServicesforHSCStaff/TrainingSupport/


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Literature search? Use databases, not HONNI Help

HONNI Help aims to answer any questions you have about Medical & HSC Library services and resources.

You can access HONNI Help by going directly to http://libraryhelp.qub.ac.uk/honni or by clicking the HONNI Help or Any Questions? links on www.honni.qub.ac.uk

honni help


If you have a literature search topic, please do not use HONNI Help, as it is not connected to any journals or research databases, and is therefore unable to find articles.

Instead, use HONNI Search (i.e. the main search box at www.honni.qub.ac.uk) or databases (http://libguides.qub.ac.uk/honni/databases) to search for articles about your topic.

Not sure how to use HONNI Search? Have questions about databases? Please contact your Subject Librarian: http://www.honni.qub.ac.uk/ServicesforHSCStaff/TrainingSupport/

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Honni Update Spring 2017 – Now available

Click the image below to access the latest issue of honni Update in PDF format

Spring Update

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NIMDTA said, the HSC Library did

NIMDTA (Northern Ireland Medical & Dental Training Agency) trainees recently participated in a focus group, during which they were asked about their awareness of, and engagement with, services available from the HSC Library.

Lots of interesting comments were made by the trainees during the focus group. Below are a selection of them, along with what the HSC Library has done in response to them.


1. Joining the HSC Library

NIMDTA said: “The HSC Library application forms are not easy to access… It would be easier to have an ‘opt out’ membership system.”

HSC Library did: We are working to introduce an on-line registration form so that filling in a paper membership form will no longer be necessary. Also, from August 2017, all new NIMDTA trainees will be signed up automatically as members of the HSC Library, with the ability to opt out if they so wish.


2. Facilities on offer

NIMDTA said: “Awareness of the other facilities on offer might [motivate me to join the HSC Library].”

HSC Library did: We have produced an on-line guide for NIMDTA trainees, introducing them to the different branches of the HSC Library, and to the range of facilities that are on offer besides traditional books and journals. The guide is viewable at: http://libguides.qub.ac.uk/honni/nimdta  

NIMDTA have included information in this guide in new leaflets that they have prepared, outlining educational facilities in each Trust, such as simulation facilities, computer access and meeting rooms.


3. Opening hours

NIMDTA said: “Could opening hours [be] extended and [could the Library be open at] weekends for exam preparation?”

HSC Library did: We are reviewing our opening hours, and will be surveying our users to gauge the demand for extended opening.

We are also working to raise awareness of the evening and Saturday opening currently provided by some branches of the HSC Library, and of the extended opening hours of QUB’s main McClay Library (which NIMDTA trainees and other HSC staff can use once they join the HSC Library)


4. Training

NIMDTA said: “[Trainees] might benefit from training in how to get the most from the Library.”

HSC Library said: We offer one-to-one and bookable group training sessions on using various HSC Library resources. Email Richard Fallis: r.fallis@qub.ac.uk  

Regular introductory and database training sessions are run in the HSC Library and various Trusts. View upcoming training sessions at: http://www.honni.qub.ac.uk/ServicesforHSCStaff/TrainingSupport/#UpcomingTraining  

We are liaising with NIMDTA to increase the number of group training sessions that we offer specifically to NIMDTA trainees.


5. Library log-in

NIMDTA said: “Is it possible for my on-line Library log-in to be the same as my Trust log-in?”

HSC Library did: Unfortunately, this is not possible, because the authentication (i.e. log-in) system used by the HSC Library is different from the one used by the Trusts. However, we aim to make it as easy as possible for you to recover your HSC Library log-in details if you forget them.

If you have forgotten your HSC Library number, simply email medicallibrary@qub.ac.uk for a reminder.

If you have forgotten your HSC Library password, go to www.honni.qub.ac.uk, click Password Self-Service and follow the instructions.


6. Point-of-care tool

NIMDTA said: “A point-of-care tool like UpToDate is really important. Is one available via the HSC Library?”

HSC Library did: No dedicated point-of-care tool is available via the HSC Library.

The Library does offer access to ClinicalKey, which includes ‘First Consult’ point-of-care summaries. You can access this by going to www.honni.qub.ac.uk > Databases A-Z > C > ClinicalKey.

A tendering process is ongoing, the outcome of which will hopefully be the delivery of a point-of-care tool via the HSC Library across all Trusts.

Meanwhile, some Trusts have subscribed to UpToDate (enquire locally for information), and the HSC Library is about to embark on a trial of various point-of-care tools for evaluation purposes. So watch this space!


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MEDLINE video tutorials

Muddled by MEDLINE?

‘How to search MEDLINE (in 10 minutes or less)’ is a new video series that covers all the basics of searching this key medicine and life science database, including:

  • Planning a search
  • Entering search terms
  • Applying limits
  • Viewing results
  • Saving searches

You can view the videos on YouTube by clicking the image below, or by going to https://goo.gl/rqpHqe

If you have any questions about MEDLINE, please contact your Subject Librarian.

Medline video tutorial

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Current Awareness Bulletins Trial

The Library is trialling a Current Awareness Bulletin (CAB) service for Medicine, Dentistry and Healthcare Sciences staff until September 2017.

There is a monthly or bi-monthly CAB for each of the following specialties:

  • Cardiology
  • Dentistry
  • Diabetes
  • Emergency Medicine
  • ENT
  • General Surgery
  • Haematology
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Oncology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Paediatrics
  • Psychiatry
  • Respiratory Medicine

Each CAB contains links to the full text of articles available via honni (www.honni.qub.ac.uk).  Library membership is required for article access.

To view past CAB issues, please go to: http://libguides.qub.ac.uk/honni/medicinebulletins or http://libguides.qub.ac.uk/honni/medicine > Current Awareness Bulletins tab

To sign up to receive future CABs in your inbox, email details of the CAB(s) you want to Richard Fallis, Subject Librarian for Medicine & Healthcare Sciences.

Other professions, such as nursing and social work, are not included in this trial. Staff from these professions should contact their Subject Librarian for training on creating database or Zetoc Alerts in order to keep up-to-date.


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