What’s happened to the E-Journals A-Z?

December 8, 2015

You have probably noticed that what used to be an A-Z list of electronic journals has undergone a transformation.  It has a new look and is no longer a simple listing of journal titles that you can browse through or search.  Now it includes e-books as well as e-journals, and finding journal titles and content is easier because of a number of new features.

New Features

  • Start to type a journal title into the search box.  A list of available options appears in a drop-down list as you type, and you can select from the list without having to type the full title yourself.
  • There is also a ‘Browse by Discipline’ feature which allow you to look for publications in a general subject area.  From the results displayed you can further refine to specific topics.
  • When a title is found, a ‘Search within Publication’ box may be displayed, depending on the source of the title.  Where it appears, it allows you to search the title directly without having to go to the source first.  Results are therefore obtained much more quickly.

Whether or not a ‘Search within Publication’ box is displayed, there will be a list of all the sources from which a particular journal or book is available, along with dates of coverage.  As before, select the source with the coverage you want and you will be taken to the title in the source database, after logging in if you have not already done so.

The new system has been renamed ‘E-Publications’ to reflect the fact that it contains more than just e-journals and is no longer strictly an A-Z list.  Its added functionality makes it much more than a traditional A-Z.

A link to ‘E-Publications’ appears on the HONNI home page under ‘Help from the Library’ and in the top menu bar on all screens of the HONNI discovery service.

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